Drauka's Suicide Note


Dearest friends,

The CrIsis ring around this note is to assure you that I have indeed passed beyond the veil of the living. I am sorry that I ever put myself in this situation, and I am glad I could prevent any of you from harm. It all started when I put Karma and Overkill in danger by insisting we go to an alchemist. The price was much too high, and I should have known better, but in the end, it was me that made the decision.

I got myself into a deal with a Jinn. I will not tell you the name, or the manner of the dealings, as I am positive that avenging my death will not benefit anyone, except for Set and Anubis themselves.

I take my own life, as that is the only way Isis’ quest can be fulfilled, while thwarting the servants of the Dark.

I love you all, and count you among the most honorable warriors I have ever fought along-side. If I were still counted among my clan, I would make you honorary Danzi, and I would petition for each of you to receive a Kratos of power to match your inner strengths.

Though she might not admit it, High-Priestess Tennysun in Sweet Creek desires to be honored by CrIsis almost above all else. Her little temple is in a pivotal place, and would be one of the most influential and demonstrative of CrIsis’ attitudes toward the war, in my reckoning. Though the population is mainly human, it is in the Disputed Territories and there is no King or Council that can claim it. It sits in defiance of all, but in contest to none.

I leave my belongings with you, and I leave Peri in your custody. Please see that she gets to Havea, and please tell Lord Tinor, that old panzy, that I did not fall to a single foe. Not even he can have the honor of felling me; I am the one that won our wager, in the end.

Also, my fellow members of CrIsis, please remember the pact we made, no more than a week past.

As I finish this letter, a thought passes through my mind. I am paying the ultimate price to Horus, that old bag of bones. He can’t let up on his side of the bargain from now till the end of time, as I have given him everything and more. That’ll boil his broth.

Fare thee well, CrIsis. May the wind be at your back, and victory in your grasp.



Drauka's Suicide Note

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