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Minotaur Wizard,
Worshiper of Osiris
The Wizard of the Golden Flail
Member of the Tri-Arcanum Guild

Xerx’ses is among the tallest of Minotaurs and has a body built like an Olympic sprinter. His skin is light grey like a storm cloud and what hair he has is black. His off-white horns turn forward very quickly and jut upward sightly at the black tips which make charges and goring easy. He gained some scarring on his left torso and the back of his neck and head from the fire he was in as a youth. He asked it be treated but allowed to scar so he could remember the abuse of power. Thanks to his time with Mergerij he looks like a minotaur scout in prime physical shape. He has one robe said to be made of the hide of a Mologoth beast and he straps his suit of bronze and black iron armor on top. His bags are made from the same Mologoth hide he keeps his supplies in them, which used to belong to A’zad.

Picture from Gaitkeeper.

True Name = Cyrus Far’zan (the wise sun throne)
Chosen Name = Xerx’ses (the chief)
Rank 13th Level
OCC Wizard
Race Minotaur
Land of Origin: Baalgor Wastelands
Citizenship: Etrinan Tribe

HT 11’3" IQ 10 Save vs Magic +7 Strike +5
WT 600 lbs ME 13 Save vs Psionics 0 Parry +8
PPE 265/265 MA 9 Save vs Coma/Death +16% Dodge +8
HP 69/69 PS 25 Save vs poison/disease +4 Roll +3
SDC 74/74 PP 20 Save vs horror +3 Pull +4
Level 13 PE 23 Initiative 0
Exp. 252,830 PB 15 Damage +13
OSDC 250/250
Sex Male SPD 39 Critical (3x dam) 18-20
Birthday 12/7/59 (Age 52) AR 12 Knockout 18-20
HTH: Expert HF 14 Attacks 6
Alignment Principled Perception 0
Western Empire <> Island of Bizantium <> Eastern Territory 17,624
Timiro Kingdom <> Wolfen Empire <> Old Kingdom Dragon Coins 0 (Gold Coast Note: 1 for 1,353,750 )
Diamond 10ct., Ruby 13ct., Emerald 13ct.

Level Strike
W.P. / HtH
W.P. / HtH
W.P. / HtH
P.P.   Totals  
Knife 13 +5 / +2 +5 / +5 +6 / +2 +3 S: +10
P: +13
T: +11
Chain 13 +5 / +2 +3 / +5 N/A +3 S: +10
P: +11
E: +10
Blunt 12 +5 / +2 +5 / +5 +2 / +2 +3 S: +10
P: +13
T: +7
Sword 2 +1 / +2 +1 / +5 +0 / +2 +3 S: +6
P: +9
T: +5
Weapons: Damage Notes
Osiris Right Femur 6D6 (Special) See Item Description below
Dwarven Giant-sized Flail 5D6 +2 to damage
- Total Bonus 5D6+15 +10 to Str, +11 to Parr, +10 to Ent.
Dwarven Giant-sized Cutlass 3D4 +2 to strike and parry
- Total Bonus 3D4+13 +8 to Str, +11 to Parr, +5 to Thr.
Dwarven Giant-sized 1-handed Flamberge 4D6 +2 to strike and parry
- Total Bonus 4D6+13 +8 to Str, +11 to Parr, +5 to Thr.
Dwarven Manacle Belt 2D6
2 Throwing Daggers 2D6
Chopping Dagger 2D6
Natural Weapons: Damage Notes
Claw 2D6
Kick 3D6
Head Butt 3D6
Charge 5D6 60% chance knockdown
Body Flip 1D6 Lose Initiative & 1 attack
Armor AR SDC Notes
Full Scale 15 75 - 10% to climb/scale, prowl, & swim, 20% more P.P.E.
When in a climate such as the Yin-Sloth Jungles where this would kill him he will forgo its protection leaving it on Rogtilda or his bag.
Kick Attacks: Damage Notes
Karate 3D6
Snap 2D6
Roundhouse 5D6 1/melee, no other kicks
Ley Line Abilities: Notes
Sense Ley Lines 2 miles
Ley Line Drifting Spd 10
Ley Line Rejuvenation 10 minutes concentration 1/24 hrs 2D6 HP & SDC
Eternal Torch Ring AR 14 Toughened Skin
Necklace of Invisibility 3 x Daily 60 minutes each use.
Amulet of Human Metamorphosis 2 x Daily 30 minutes each use
Stone of Bridges At first this magic item appears to be nothing more than a greenish river stone that fits snugly in the palm of a hand, until one realizes that the stone is wet at all times, as if the stone itself sits under water. A curious item, few know the potential of these curiosities and they are rarely used for their intended purpose. Originally created by dwarf wizards, these odd magic items can prove invaluable in a pinch. Benefit: Whenever a Stone of Bridges is thrown into a body of water the magic item creates a sturdy stone expanse that lasts as long as the owner of the magic item desires. This can be just long enough to get a party of adventurers across a raging river before they are overtaken by enemies or it can be to help out a community that, for one reason or another, needs a bridge. If the owner of the bridge decides that the structure has lasted long enough or that person dies, the magic item reverts back to a wet stone, at a random location within 50’ of where the bridge stood, with a 50% chance of being on either side of the body of water. This magical structure can take 65 hit points of damage before being destroyed, which will also ruin the magic item completely.
Eye Tile An Eye Tile is a small, innocuous clay tile a couple of inches across that has a stylized eye engraved upon it. Handy for spies and thieves, most anyone can find a use for these things. It is rumored that there is also an ear version of this magic item, but that might just be wishful thinking. Benefit: An Eye Tile may be placed upright anywhere and the owner, a person who has put one drop of their blood (causing one hit point of damage) onto this magic item, may see anywhere that the stylized eye faces that is unobstructed, up to the horizon when outdoors. This magic item costs the owner one hit point per hour to maintain after the first hour, these lost hit points are regained normally. Concentration must be maintained to see through the tile, but the effect lasts for an hour each time, so the owner may drop their concentration and pick it up later.
Vrill Potion 1 Given by old Greg; major healing 3d6 HP or SDC
Quill of Endless Ink Constant No more need for ink
Container of Much Water Constant 6 gallons (22.7liters) of clean, fresh, drinkable water every 24 hours
Book of A’zad Item Black bound book with blank pages. Damaged 73 pages via miscast spell.
Gantrium MH Bag 1 oz.
Sense Evil Torc 3x/daily 8 melees/use; A gift from Jidian Kulder!
Osiris Right Femur 6D6 Fires a lighting bolts. Range: 50’/level
2x dam to vampires, zombies & animated dead.
While holding it impervious to electrical attacks!
Bonus 200 SDC (while held) – damage comes off this first.
Special Powers:MAGIC Spell Strength:16
Spell Casting Lev Acq/Spell Book Lev Spell PPE Range Duration Save Notes
Decipher Magic 1 Y 1 4 Self 2 min/lev None Read runes, magic symbols, inscriptions at 94%. Not wards or circles.
Sense Magic 1 Y 1 4 120’ 2 min/lev None Diameter, near (w/in 20’) or far. Tell Person/object enchanted, in process of invoking magic, or magic used in area.
Cloud of Slumber 1 N 1 4 90’ 2 melee/lev Std 20′×20′×20′ cloud Anyone in cloud falls into magic sleep. If dragged out of cloudwake in 1D4 melees
Globe of Daylight 1 N 1 2 30’ 3 min/lev None Illuminates 12’/lev Max speed 12
Tongues 1 N 6 12 Self or touch 5 min/lev None All Spoken Languages at 94%
See Aura 1 Y 1 6 100’ 1 melee Special Level xp=low-med-high, magic, psychic, high/low base PPE, possessed, serious illness, unusual aberration (IE Supernatural) but not type
Thunderclap 1 Y 1 4 30’ Instant HF Heard 1 mile away Mage +5 init, +1 strike, parry, dodge All but mage save HF 8
Levitation 2 Y 2 5 60’ away 3 min/lev None Straight up only 60’+ 10/lev 200 lbs + 20/lev
Befuddle 2 Y 2 6 100’ 2 min/lev Std -2 strike, parry, dodge 1/2 attacks, skills -20%
Armor of Ithan 3 N 3 10 Self or touch 1 min/lev None 100+10/lev AR 18 Fire, lightning, cold 1/2 dam
Sense Traps 3 N 3 7 6’ 1 minute/lev None Detects & locates only
Fire Bolt 4 N 4 10 100’/lev Instant Dodge 5D6 +4 strike 7D6 Ley line 1D6x10 Nexus
Carpet of Adhesion 4 N 4 10 30+10’/lev 10 melee/lev Special 200 sq ft If save 2D6 melees
Invisibility:Simple 4 N 3 6 Self 3 min/lev None Self and what wearing/carrying
Telekinesis 4 Y 3 8 60’ 1 min/lev Dodge See Notes
Swim as a Fish 4 N 4 6 Self or 10’ 5 min/lev None 96% swim Distance 100xPS yards not tire, +1 parry/dodge in water, 3000’ depth, hold breath 3 minutes
Eyes of Thoth 5 N 5 8 Self or Touch 10 min/lev None Read and understand all languages, including runes
Fleet Feet 6 N 6 20 20’ 2 melee/lev None Self or Other w/in 20’ Doubles PP,Spd,& Attacks Negative moving so fast -2 Init, no save surprise, -20% Delicate skills
Strength of Utgard-Loki 6 N 5 15 Self or 30’ 2 melee/lev None + 1 attack, + 2D6+ 6 SDC, +2 Strike/Parry/Touch, Turn PS Supernatural
Paralysis Bolt 6 N 6 15 90’ Instant Dodge Dodge 19 or higher (include bonuses) If success 6 melee/lev. Breathe, hear, think but no movement
Cleanse 6 Y 2 6 Self or touch Instant None Spotless, head to toe, include clothes, but not armor
Lightning Fist 6 N 5 12 Self 1 melee Dodge 3D6+ normal punch See notes
Call Lightning 6 N 6 15 300’ Instant Dodge Nat 20 or mod 24 1D6/lev Must be in line of sight
Magic Pigeon B N 6 20 n/a 2 months/lev None Spoken less than 30 words or written message to specific person. Must know general location. 720 miles/day or 30 mph
Metamorphosis Animal 7 N 7 25 Self (Other by ritual) 20 min. / Lvl. None The invocation can completely transform a character in to a particular animal, from an alley cat or cocker spaniel to a lion, wolf, alligator, bird,etc. In animal form, the character gets all the inherent abilities and defenses which that animal form may offer, but retains his own I.Q., ability to speak, memory, S.D.C. and hitpoints. The mage can return to true form (naked) at will.
Handful of Lightning 8 N 8 30 400’+10’/lev 1 melee/lev Special Creates 3 spears shaped like lightning. 6D6+2/lev Dam +3 strike
Power Staff 9 N 9 50+ 100’Away 1 melee/lev Std 20’ Circle Diameter, up to 100’away. 1D6 dam/lev to HP! If save 1/2 dam -3 Initiative, strike, parry. -6 dodge, roll. Attacks/Skills 1/2!
Improved Heal Wounds 9 Y 5 15 3’Away Instant Std if resisted Heals bruises, cuts, gashes, arrow wounds, burned flesh, pulled muscles, broken bones. It will NOT heal illness, internal damage to organs or nerves, poison or drugs.
Heals 4d6 S.D.C. and 2D6 H.P. per casting.
Metamorphosis Superior 10 N 10 100 Self; others as ritual 20min. / Lev Std if resisted Can cast other if ritual. Any real living creature.
Anti-Magic Cloud 11 N 11 140 100’/lev 20 melee/lev Nat 18-20 Only caster may use magic- rune & rune swords still work. Negates all other magic.
Impervious to Fire 3 Y 11 6 Self or other up to 60ft (18.3m) away 5 minutes/lev None A magic invocation that makes the individual temporarily impervious to fire. Normal and magical fires do no damage to the person or to anything he is wearing/on his person.
Increase Weight 1 Y 11 4 Self or other up to 100ft (30.5m) away 2 minutes/lev Std if resisted; None for objects A magic invocation that makes single person or object per casting’s weight increase up to 100 lbs. per level of the caster. People twice their normal weight see their SPD reduce by 50%.
Blind 4 Y 11 8 Touch or Line of Sight – other up to 10ft ( 3m ) away 1 minute/lev Std Can blind 1 person/animal each casting. The victim will be temporarily blind; – 5 to strike, – 10 to parry and dodge, and likely to stumble and fall for every 10 feet ( 3m ) of movement ( 50%chance ). Does not affect people inside a force field, vehicle, or behind locked doors.
If the blind spell is cast upon another spellcaster he cannot use any spells which require his vision while blinded. If the blind spellcaster uses any defensive/assault spells, such as magic net, call lightning, fire ball, carpet of adhesion, etc., there is a 1-65% chance that spell will be misdirected and strike his own comrades.
Death 9 N 12 50 60 feet (18.3 m) 1 melee rnd. Std This incantation wracks its victim’s body and nervous system, inflicting 1D6 points of damage per level of the spell caster. This is an automatic hit each time it is cast and affects the victim’s Hit Points directly. One person is affected at a time. The spell can hit a target up to 60 feet (18.3 m) away. Use it with care. (Rifter: 25)
Amulet 12 Y 13 290 + Holder/wearer of the amulet Until destroyed None Req: The amulet must be made of one metal purified by fire or made of semi-precious stone.
Charm: Bonus of +1 to save vs. magic & psychic attacks. P.P.E.Cost: 290.
Protection from Faeries: Bonus of +1 to save vs faerie magic & faerie food. P.P.E.Cost: 290.
Protection from Magic Insanity: Bonus of +4 to save against all magically induced insanities. P.P.E.Cost: 320.
Protection from Sickness: Bonus of +6 to save vs magic sickness and +3 to save vs disease. P.P.E.Cost:290.
Protection from the Supernatural: Bonus of +2 to save vs HF. P.P.E.Cost: 300.
See the Invisible: Enables the wearer of the medallion to see the invisible. P.P.E.Cost: 500.
Sense the Presence of Spirits: Amulet changes color whenever a ghost, Will-O-The-Wisp, the essence of an alien intelligence or entity(s) is in the area. Range: 200 foot (61 m) radius. P.P.E.Cost: 310.
Turn the Undead: A charm that will prevent any of the undead from physically touching them while they wear or hold the amulet. The amulet works much like a cross does against vampires. Effective against all undead, including mummies, zombies and vampires. P.P.E.Cost: 400.
Powerful Aura
5 N 13 15 Self 1 mel / lev None Prerequisite: Must be acting in the manner of the Light or Dark (accordant to your alignment/God). Given only to those that prove worthy, this grants the caster an additional +2 to all saving throws. The user knows if it does not work, and must perform penance for his/her God/Goddess.
Natural Abilities: Notes
Nightvision 60’
Recognize Scent 22%
Track Blood Scent 54%
Fire/Cold Resistant 1/2 Damage
SPD: 39 27 MPH (43.5 KPH);
780 ypm (713 mpm);
195 yp-melee (178 mp-melee);
32.5 yp-action (29.7 mp-action);
Double under Fleet Feet Spell
OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Language:Dwarven 98 1 13 98%
Language:Giantese 40+5 20 1 13 98%
Language:Elven 40+5 20 1 13 98%
Literacy:Dwarven 30+5 15 1 13 98%
Literacy:Elven 30+5 15 1 13 98%
Lore:Geomancy 25+5 15 1 13 98%
Lore:Magic 25+5 20 1 13 98%
Recog wards/runes/circles 15+5 20 1 13 95%
Recog Magic Item 20+5 1 13 80%
Recog Enchantment 35+5 20 1 13 98%
Math:Basic 45+5 20 1 13 98%
WP Knife N/A N/A 1 13 N/A
OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Archaelogy 20+5 10 1 13 95%
Law 30+5 10 1 13 98%
Excavation 30+5 10 1 13 98%
History: Dwarves, Humans, Elves
Minotaurs, Kobolds, Giants 40+5 15 1 13 98%
Research 40+5 15 1 13 98%
Astronomy/Navigation 30+5 10 1 13 98%
Lore:Religion 30+5 10 1 13 98%
Weapon Systems (Blessed) 40+5 1 13 98%
Seamanship (Blessed) 22+4 10 1 13 80%
Area Knowledge:Stony Desert 20+5 10 3 13 80%
Teamster 35+5 10 5 13 85%
History:Rune Items 25+5 10 9 13 55%
WP Sword N/A N/A 12 13 N/A
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Prowl 25+5 1 13 85%
First Aid 30+5 1 13 90%
Climbing 40/35+5 1 13 98/95%
WP Chain N/A 1 13 N/A
WP Blunt N/A 2 13 N/A
Body Building N/A 2 13 N/A
Running N/A 5 13 N/A
Athletics N/A 5 13 N/A
Mountaineering 30+5 10 13 45%
History:Elf/Dwarf War 40+5 10 13 55%
Math:Advanced 45% 13 1 45%
Wilderness Survival 30 13 1 30%

Name Count Location Description
Backpack with Iron Frame 1 Back or slung over opposite shoulder of large satchel Mologoth Hide
Summer Clothes 1 Large Satchel linen underclothing and light padding below armor
Boots 1 Worn Re-enforced with shin and feet guards; Mologoth Hide
Belt 1 Worn Mologoth Hide
Eternal Torch Ring 1 Right Hand: ring finger
Gloves 1 Worn Fingerless; Mologoth Hide
Bedroll 1 Attached Bottom of Backpack 15 layers of quilted linen
Backpack frame 1 Back Made of Iron
Large Satchel 1 Worn over opposite shoulder from hip Mologoth Hide
Small Sack (A) 1 Large Satchel
Small Sack (B) 1 Large Satchel
Rope 1 40’ length Hemp
Crook & Flail Symbol 1 Worn: On Xerx’ses this looks a dog collar with a tag more than a large necklace for a dwarf. Bronze and Lapis Lazuli Shepards crook and Flail embeded in a clear amber, chain made of bronze, Lapis, and red star rock (meteorite) beads on korobite wire. This was made before the Elf-Dwarf War and done by a master jeweler.
Tempered Bronze and Iron Scale Armor 1 Rogtilda See Picture: Skull cap, Mantle (shoulders/collar bone/shoulder blades), Left Spaulder(shoulder), Bracers (Arms), Placard with skirting (waist & upper leg)
Water Skin(s) 2 folded up in backpack Giant sized
Wizard Robe 1 Worn Mologoth Hide; Sleeveless
Tri-Arcanum Wizard Robes 1 Worn Made for minotaur size.
Winter Clothes 1 Rogtilda Mostly furs to augment his summer clothes. with mologoth hide tongs to attach, one large cloak of checkered patch-work furs
Parchment Paper 206 Stuffed in a mologoth hidebound notebook
Graphite 4 Small Sack (A)
Chalk 2 Small Sack (A)
Candles 3 Small Sack (A)
100 page notebook 1 Large Satchel
Crow Quill Pens 3 Small Sack (B) Wrapped in leather scrap and tied with leather tongs
Ink 2 Small Sack (B) Wrapped in leather scrap and tied with leather tongs
5th Book of CrIsis 1 Rogtilda
Books of the History of Wisdom 1 Rogtilda
Book of the Defilers 1 In M.H. Bag
Book of the Tristine Chronicles 1 In M.H. Bag
small rock 1 in the hold of Rogtilda by the main mast M.H. = mologoth hide from clothes found in the Etrinan Tribe caves.
Now he will have rocks from the journey: 1. Baalgor Wastelands, 2. Dragon’s Roost Island, 3. Yin-Sloth Diamonds 4ct (this last stone is on him at this moment).
Silver Skull 1 In M.H. Bag The skull of Arheleg Hescu, he will deliver this to Library of Bletherad in hopes Master Aesyl’s soul can be at peace with the books.
Gold Coast Note 1 N/A 10,000 Southern Gold.
Dragon Roost Xerxses Haul 1 Rogtilda 1,250 lbs in weight, Weapons, Rings, Armor, Shields, Rods, etc..
Dragon Coins / Necromancer Caves 285 Bag Value = Gold Coast Note.
Gemstones / Y.S. Necromancer Caves 6 wrapped in large hide strip tucked in the M.H. bag. See Gems above.


Throwing Daggers 2 Arm Bracers Hidden in the scale bracers
Chopping Daggers 1 Belt In “angled” holsters on left and right backside
Dwarven Manacle Belt 2 Worn on waist Made from the manacle used on prisoners in the Elf-Dwarf Wars
Dwarven Giant-Sized Flail 1 Strapped to back Dwarven made +2 damage.
Dwarven Giant-sized Cutlass 1 strapped to back Dwarven made +2 to strike & parry.
Dwarven Giant-sized 1-handed Flamberge 1 strapped to back Dwarven made +2 to strike & parry.
Drama Cards, Luck Points, Ace in the Hole Notes
Challenge Force a foe to face you over all other options.
Arcane Reverberations Play this card when you attempt to use a magic spell or item. You may perform this action as a free action.

2 luck points left!
1 Ace in the Hole

Drama Cards Played Result
14 luck points spent Used to do re-rolls to Tyvernos x2, Indaris x2, Overkill x8, Ja’Deir, Me.
Vision Used the card to find the silver skull of Arheleg Hescu.
Streets Used the find the town crier.
Dominate Used to convince the town crier and guards we purged the city of evil last night.
Safe Passage Used to get to the dragon safely on the Isle of Dragon’s Roost.

Xerx’ses looked on longingly at Luur’na the Priestess of Isis, “How can she not see the stain on his soul.” Zii’clymnt used to be an upstanding noble warrior, but ever since the elders gifted him with the great black rune sword, Lightning Striker. He has changed and began agreeing more and more with Groun’na the dark reminder of why the world hates his kind. Groun’na has already gathered two of the impressionable young minotaurs to his idea of trying to strike out and either take over a tribe or make their own. Mergerij, has been giving me some training as a way to vent his anger about a situation that has gotten worse over the last 10 years…

:: Xerx’ses leaves his home to make his way in the world ::

…Xerx’ses was the outsider of those his age in the tribe, he was the tallest minotaur he had ever met: 11’ 3" tall and only 600 pounds which also made him one of the quickest, fastest minotaurs around as well. Many among the tribe thought he would become a warrior to be feared and Groun’na took him under his wing, he saw that he was a good with knives, and showed him how to become deadly with pinpoint accuracy, and his father taught him how to handle fast weapons such as small blades which could be used in normal fights to take an enemy down without killing them.

In the beginning, Cyrus (as Xerx’ses was known in his youth) had found some old chains when he was 8 years old. They had manacles on them, used for prisoners during the Great War between the FAIR & the STRONG. Cyrus began learning how to use them as weapons. He made a belt out of the chains, and this really scared some of the elders. Cyrus just told the minotaur elders, “I keep them as a reminder to never let the past chain us from what we can become.”

“Death comes to us all son, be careful you don’t hasten its journey to you,” Cyrus’s father said. Cyrus saw his father smile and he knew that the great and wise Xerx’ses NEVER gave praise or approval when it was not earned. A’zad, the oldest among the elders, also smiled and Cyrus knew fear for the first time! A’zad was said to be over 600 years old and one of three that had seen the surface still living. A’zad knew how to fashion magic energy to do his bidding and was said to traffic with earth spirits!

When Cyrus was 9 his father was an elder of the tribe, a priest of Osiris the Lawgiver and his mother was a devout priestess of Isis and the Pantheon of Ra. She prayed everyday for a chance to prove that the righteous minotaur could rise above the sins of the past. Cyrus’s father wielded Saraph – the Lightbringer, a Holy Rune Staff, and died defending the fortress with a number of minotaur elders from demons that had found the cave and attempted to sway the tribe to evil. Cyrus’s father exorcized them from the minotaurs they had possessed and then smite them with A’zad’s help. However, in the final battle he was dealt a fatal blow that could not be healed. He gave Saraph to his wife and bade her find and teach its next wielder. It would be 19 more years before she would receive a vision from Isis about a child being born within the tribe, Luur’na.

Cyrus took his father’s name as his own and vowed to become powerful enough to fight the monsters of the dark. When Xerx’ses was 10 he began wandering off into the caves and began digging out areas always helping to strengthen the catacomb tunnels or free someone caught in a cave in. He learned how to look for danger moving rock and the script of the races of the STRONG & the FAIR (dwarves & elves). He found a cache of books made of iron plates bound together. He hid them and began to read them each night, they were books on how to feel for Dragon Roads (ley lines) and Gateways of the Dragon (ley line nexus). Others dealt with all kinds of topics about the Great War, Time of a Thousand Magicks, the War of the Gods, and the Age of Chaos. Then came the mother load as Cyrus, now known as Xerx’ses the younger, found a book with writing he could not make out. It was make of iron and bore silver runic sigils upon its cover along with two silver plaque serpents, one on the front and back. When he tried to open the book the two silver plaque serpents came alive! Only his naturally hardened flesh allowed Xerx’ses to withstand the bites and crush the snakes using his fists! Then the two plaques re-appeared and the book fell open. The pages were painted in silver symbols the book seemed to contain more and more pages as it was turned! Xerx’ses the younger took this to his mother whom sent him to see the old one, A’zad.

A’zad listened to the tale about the books and the silver serpents that attacked Xerx’ses and he explained that he would look what he had found. The old minotaur knew what Xerx’ses the younger had vowed when the community watched his father’s body burn on the pyre. He handed the young minotaur a scroll and had him practice words that made no sense to young Xerx’ses. His accent and pitch was flawless, and after practicing the words for one hour A’zad turned to Xerx’ses and said, “You have one chance to gain the power you want avenge your father’s name and prove you can smite evil as he did. Open the scroll and repeat those words then try to read the book!”

Young Xerx’ses did as he was tasked, the scroll flared with a flaming spark and burned away in the startled youth’s hands and before he could react A’zad shoved the open book in front of the young minotaur and Xerx’ses could read it! When A’zad saw the young minotaur’s reaction he told him to read what he could and gave him chalk and a stone slab to take notes on. While the young Xerx’ses set to task A’zad explained to the community that Xerx’ses had his gift and he would be teaching him now. Groun’na was hurt to see his friend taken away from him, Mergerij saw it as a great honor and tried to comfort Groun’na. Alas, Groun’na would not hear of it and got in a fight with Mergerij and won this time. The two have been distant ever since this day.

20 years later Xerx’ses was pronounced a wizard by A’zad after having served the great mage and his community for two decades. He began to be welcomed to elder councils when many of the older members began to die from age. In another 5 years A’zad would join the departed from this world but before making Xerx’ses promise to try and free everyone from the shame of ages.

3 years ago Xerx’ses went before the council and announced the time had come for those growing up to not die in shame, there was light to be had outside. At the very least the council needed to consider opening up trade with others and begin re-joining the world. As he has watched Luur’na become a fine priestess of Isis and he has taken and interest in her, but has no idea that he has fallen for the young minotaur priestess and 2 years ago worked up the nerve to ask her to be his chosen mate. She picked Zii’clymnt instead and Xerx’ses couldn’t understand why she chose him, even though he only did things for Luur’na when it benefited him. Why was she attracted to someone that was just using her? During this time he had been sparing with Mergerij a great deal and asked him about becoming a Palladin and seeking out Darkness wherever it may dwell. Mergerij eventually made Xerx’ses distance himself as well with the constant talks about how he could better himself.

1 year ago the Elder council surprised everyone. They charged the young members of the tribe to forsake their solitude and make their own place in the world. Zii’clymnt is leaning more and more to Groun’na and his view of taking over with the Rune Weapons given to them by the tribal elders. The bladed ring makes him keep egging Mergerij for a fight and I am not sure how much longer Mergerij will hold out?

Thanks be to Zeelik for being his sounding board when Xerxses worries about what will happen to the tribe. Zeelik’s father and Xerx’ses mother became mates after his wife passed away about 5 years ago. Zeelik’s father gave his son a powerful stone rune mace and bade him become the hero Mergerij trained him to be.

The final straw for Xerx’ses was being approached by Zii’Clymnt and one of Groun’na’s followers. Zii’Clymnt accused him of being in love with her and Xerx’ses did not deny it. Zii’Clymnt began swinging at the thought of anyone stealing Luur’na away. They over powered Xerx’ses with their rune weapons and set fire to A’zad’s lab and Xerx’ses was saved by Zeelik. When Luur’na was confronted by Xerx’ses she said he was over reacting about his argument with Zii’clymnt and the fire was an accident, not on purpose. Even when Zeelik told her what he saw showing up to pull Xerx’ses from the flames she kept defending Zii’clymnt.

Xerx’ses left that night with his clothes, and what her could muster from the armory. He touched not a single rune weapon worried they might not be in tuned with him and history he has read about them makes him worried.

What price will he pay to gain the power to defeat evil?

Will it be worth it?

Zeelik gave him a going away gift his father made for Xerx’ses:

  • A minotaur sized bronze flail with bronze cast and tempered scrolls engraved with actual prayers taken from the Book of Ma’at of the Gods of Ra! It was thus named the Flail of Prayers.

  • 4 daggers (two choppers, two balanced for throwing, all minotaur sized)

  • Tempered Bronze and Iron skull cap with padding.

  • A black full suit of scale mail (mantle for shoulders, shoulder blades, & upper chest; skirt of scale from waist to just south of the knee) with bronze bracers, greaves and waist placard.

Born under the sign of Aster the Centaur. Free spirits who do not like to be tied down. They crave the road and adventure, and have an insatiable curiosity.

Picture from Peachyco.
Picture of Black Sword from AQ Worlds Wiki and edited by me


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