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Agreement Between Light and Dark Regarding Pieces of Osiris on Palladium and Treatment of Current Members of CrIsis

1- The Gods of Light will cease to take a direct hand in assisting CrIsis. They will be allowed one Godly resurrection of one member only until either all of CrIsis has perished, or they have succeeded in acquiring all the pieces on Palladium. Isis Torch can no longer power Matilda. Legitimate priestly, magic, or psionic resurrections are allowed.

2. The Dark must return all members of CrIsis’ family, friends, and loved ones. This includes all Bishops as well.

3. The Agent and CrIsis must now be self-sufficient. Gods of Dark may advise him, just as Gods of Light advise CrIsis.

4. The Agent and the Dark may grant a group equal in number to CrIsis powers equivalent in power. This means, at current writing, that the Agent may recruit 5 members to his cause.

5. All Gods of both Pantheons, as well as minions of both Pantheons, must agree to this statement.

6. The War of Osiris is to be halted until CrIsis succeeds or fails. Any God or Minion that breaks this enforced peace agrees to a Severe Body Investment.

7. Knowledge must be earned, not granted! This means, upon reading this agreement, both the group of Light, CrIsis, and the group of Evil, hence known as ReSet, must earn their knowledge through effort, not Godly gift. This includes locations of Osiris’ parts, where to return the parts, and knowledge of CrIsis’ location, and ReSet’s locations.

This Agreement is signed by The Agent, CrIsis, ReSet, and all priests, priestesses, and officials of the Church of Light and Dark. It was created on the 8th of Selestra, 112.

Each time a new member of CrIsis or ReSet join, their names and signatures appear on the document.


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