Ashers Scrolls

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Created during the month of Ra leading to the Lopanic Games

Ra 9-12 4 flame gems 4 Spells- Reverse(1), Armor of Ithan(1), Befuddle(1), Spider Webs(1)
Ra 13 Anti-Magic Cloud(0)- Failed, whoever in tent area, turned to Mice for 6 melees
Ra14 Fleet Feet(1), Reverse(2)
Ra 15 Banishment(1)
Ra 16 Anti-Magic Cloud(1)
Ra 17 Extinguish Fire x1 2nd spell- Turns into an Egret for 1 day
Ra 18 Asher as Egret
Ra 19 Item: Witch Bottle
Ra 20 Charismatic Aura x2
Ra 21 Crystal Eye- Fail, lose ppe for next day. Weight increased by 300 lbs
Ra 22 Lost PPE
Ra 23 Befuddle Fail, Summon lesser Demon/deevil Aquatic
Ra 24 Flame Eating Gem- Scroll
Ra 25 Banishment(2)
Ra 26 Befuddle(2), Spider Webs(Fail) Summon lesser Demon Couril
Ra 27 Anti-Magic Cloud(2)
Ra 28 Fleet Feet(2), Circle of Concealment(2)
Ra 29 Banishment (3)
Ra 30 Torch Delivery

Numbers in () are total scrolls of that type for the month.

Ashers Scrolls

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