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Human Monster Hunter, Follower of Horus
Complete character sheet is Here.

Mack is a 5’ tall human with silver hair and stormy blue-grey eyes. His life spent in the Yin-Sloth jungles have tempered him, giving him dark brown skin marred by several battle scars, including the loss of his left pinky – which is why his guitar’s strings are reversed, and he fingers with his right hand. The saying, “Armed to the Teeth” was coined by a Raksasha, who faced him half a dozen times before finally falling, because when Mack goes into battle, he always has his Holy sword ‘Blood-of-Osiris’ and his Falchion drawn, a short bow slung across his back along with his Voulge, Quarterstaff, and quiver, with his two silver throwing daggers, ‘Life and Death’ in a holster on his chest, and two ‘Eyes-of-Horus’ gripped between his teeth, the other ten in holsters next to his daggers for easy retrieval. He learned early that you should only be naked when you enter this world and when you leave it. Never between. When he worked as a slave for the Orcish Empire, he learned the basics of Blacksmithing, and then apprenticed to a Monster Hunter Weaponsmith. He’s used those skills to fashion weapons and hone the skills to use them in battle.


Mack is a human monster hunter from the Yin-Sloth Jungles, who has worked for years protecting the descendants of Doragon, including the current Orc Emperor, Orug. He was a young warrior in his tribe when the Orcish Empire was founded. He slaved for years under the orc’s rule, until he learned enough about the orcs’ customs and language to establish an entire community for his tribe, hidden from the Orc’s eyes. He staged a breakout, and got his people to safety. He stayed behind, and worked his way into the good graces of his Orcish captors, to make it easier for the slaves. He was close to becoming a full fledged citizen, with all the rights and privileges thereof, but he was framed for the murder of a captain of the guard, so he ran.
Hungry, beaten, and near death, he stumbled upon the Monster Hunter’s Water Temple, deep in the Yin-Sloth Jungles. He studied there for almost two decades. He returned to his tribe, but was chased off by them for fear of discovery by the orcs hunting him. He went to the now-retired orc taskmaster who he befriended during his days as a slave. The taskmaster pulled strings to get Mack into the palace guard, somehow clearing his name. He served three orc emperors faithfully, but the second one, Morbash, he failed, allowing him to be taken by a Tezcat Necromancer. He has lead a search expedition for years to take down the villain.

10 100,001 – 140,000
11 140,001-190,000
12 190,001 – 240,000
13 240,001 – 290,000
14 290,001 – 350,000
15 350,001 -410,000


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