Tri-Arcanum Magic Guild

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Magic guild in the town of Wisdom, this was one of the training places of the legendary Defilers.

The building is broken into 3 studies (tri-arcanum). The Internalists, led by Charolyn Karath, are the Psionicists. The Granted are those that have been granted magic by another source, such as Warlocks and Priests. They are lead by Wesvon Mardeen. Lastly, the most organized and powerful are the Weavers, the Wizards and Diabolists. Leading them is the wizard Kel-ed.

CrIsis visits here in Selestra, 111. See the log Shouldering the Sins of the Past.

Xerx’ses and Indaris are proud members of the Guild.

Symbol from our own AZ Rune.


Tri-Arcanum Magic Guild

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