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There are a multitude of faerie folk, including bogies, brownies, grogach, kelpie, kinnie ger, leprechauns, mermaids, merrows, nymphs, pixies, pucks, satyrs, spriggans, sprites, toad stools, night-elves, silver-bells, green wood, and common faerie. Most are happy spirits that play throughout their days. They are very much like spoiled children, for the most part, and love pranks. Most are anarchist, but there are some truly evil fay folk, such as the kelpie, kinnie ger & Puck.

Stats/Abilities known: Magic, flight, fast, high PP, high PPE. Average SDC/HP is 40, with the larger faerie folk having 75.

Hannah is a faerie that used to serve in CrIsis.

See the campaign logs What Rell Feared, Dancing With Faeries, and Faeries, Ogres, Dwarves-Oh My! for more on CrIsis interaction with faeries.



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