Murodin Gemston

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Name: Murodin Gemston
Race: Dwarf
Class: Jewelcrafter/Merchant

Dwarven Jewelcrafter that lived in Northolme. He was of little import, until he lucked into the find of a lifetime: an innocent little Troglodyte Earth Warlock, looking for a home. Roggan. They turned his little half-cart business into one of the more well known Jewelhouses of Northolme. He was a follower of Apis, though only those closest to him know why, as he’s an astute and ruthless businessman. They traveled far and wide, in search of the most exotic gems and innovations.

Among his most iconic pieces were the Amulet of Sun Sight given to Roggan, as well as his rings of Apis. He had a prize Obaru, which he procured in their expeditions into the northern wilderness, and he bequeathed it to Roggan. He died of suspicious ‘natural causes’ at the ripe old age of 190 in the year PA 70.

Picture thanks to Darryl L. Taylor.

Murodin Gemston

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