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Otherwise known as Mix, this Imp is Lady Daera Kaze’s familiar.

Picture by Andrew Olson.

3’ tall 125lbs

IQ 10
MA 19
ME 12
PS 13 (supernatural)
PP 12
PE 16 (supernatural)
PB 12
Spd 17/27
HP 34
SDC 20
AR 10
HF 10
PPE 56

All magic saves +2
HF +4
Psionics +5
Poison +1
Strike +1
Parry +1
Dodge +3
Pull +2
Roll +4
Punch/Kick 1D6
Power Punch (2 attacks) 2D6
Attacks 5

Natural Abilities

Nightvision 90’
See the Invisible
Fly (spd 27)
Fire/Cold do 1/2 damage
Bio Regenerate 1D6 HP & SDC/melee
Dimensional Teleport 25%

Psionics: All Healing:
Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Description
Detect Psionics Healing 6 30’/lev 1 min/lev None
Healing Touch Healing 6 Touch Instant None 1D8 HP or 2D6 SDC 2 minute long trance
Lust For Life Healing 15 Touch Special None 3 rolls vs Coma recovery adds bounus 6%/level
Psychic Diagnosis Healing 8 Touch Instant None The psychic senses physical ailments and possession with absolute clarity.
Psionic Purification Healing 8 Touch Instant None Slow metabolism & destroy chemicals, drugs, poisons & toxins
Psychic Surgery Healing 14 Touch Varies None Recovery from coma 66% Surgery equal to hospital care 2D6 min prep
Deaden Pain Healing 4 Touch 1h/lvl None Pain Killer.
Exorcism Healing 10 8’ Instant % 30 minutes prep, then 6D6 with possessed person Exorcism 28+ 7/lev if success Banished
Increased Healing Healing 10 3’ 2D4 Days None HP/SDC recover 2x faster Prep 1D6 minutes
Psionic Purge Healing 10 Touch Permanent None Cancels effects of any control/command, Hypnotic Suggestion, Induced Nightmare, etc See Notes
Suppress Fear Healing 8 Self or Touch 1 min/lev None Immune to fear, including HF
Attack Disease Healing 12 Touch Special None Draws Illness into self 1D4 minutes concentration Symptoms in psychic 1D4 hrs Reduces penalties/duration in victim to 1/2
Bio Regeneration Healing 6 Self Permanent None 2D6HP or 3D6 SDC once every other minute 1 minute concentration
Induce Sleep Healing 4 6’ 1hr/lev Std Unwilling get +5 save Restful sleep 2 minute prep trance
Resist Fatigue Healing 4 Self 1 hr+20 min/lev None 1D6 melee trance
Suppress Fear Healing 8 Touch or Self 1 min/lev None Negates Horror Factor
Transfer ISP Healing 4+ Touch Instant None Can transfer ISP to other psychic- 4+amount
Psychic Cosmetic Surgery Healing 14 3’ Instant None 66% Alter physical appearance Lasts 1 min/lev.
Meditation Sensitive 1 6 0 Self Varies None Recover 6 ISP/hr

Skills- All at 98%
Language- All
Appraise Goods
Escape Artist
Lore Demon/Monster
Lore Religion
Land Navigation
Math Basic
Pick Locks
Prowl (can prowl hover/fly)
WP Knife
WP Bow


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