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True Name: Quedi
Peri’s wings, tail-feathers and head are all pitch black, his beak and eyes are ensconced with yellow, but are also pitch black. Her chest and underbelly are bright sunset orange, legs ending in yellow feet with black talons. Drauka has a leather guard around his right wrist and on/around his left shoulder for Peri to perch. She is on the large side, having a wingspan of 64 inches, 26 inches tall, 2100 g (4.6 lbs).

On Drauka’s suicide note CrIsis is charged with returning Peri to Havea. Now Cava carries Peri.

Later Peri leaves CrIsis, on Cava’s exit.

Init + 4 Strike + 4 Dodge + 6
Talons 1D4 Bite 1D6 Diving Claw 3D4
Fly, Silent Glide (Prowl 65%) Nightvision 300’
2 mile Vision, Track Sight 80%, Track Smell 66%
HP 16 SDC 11

Picture from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.



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