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This is a tribe of Minotaurs found in the Sandy Desert. There are 2, 724 Adraodan Minotaur, another 423 were killed when the earth above them shook and collapsed, and another 91were slain in a clash with the Kkairojan (their first battle against evil). They are all eager to rejoin the world, and are much better prepared to meet their destiny.

The members of the Adraodan are idealistic and highly motivated. All will try to live their lives as nurturers, healers and noble knights whose glory and triumphs will set the standard for heroes and forever erase th~ folly of their ancient forefathers. They are champions who dream of a day when all people will look at a Minotaur and think only of heroes and goodness, not evil. That is the dream they live for. The dream they have strived to achieve for some 70,000 or more years. They only thank fate that they have been the ones chosen for the honor of redeeming their people. Such high ideals will carry many far, leading some to greatness, others to failure, and a few to doom. Who these brave, bold heroes first meet will help to shape their character and destiny.

Their physical appearance is muscular, humanoid giants, but tens of thousands of years living underground has given the Adraodan tribe a somewhat smaller and slighter build, and pale skin – light grey to creamy white, with dark grey or black hair, greenish-yellow eyes and the head and horns of a bull. These ancient Minotaurs are a bit smaller than most of their kind, averaging around 7.6 to 9 feet (2.3 to 2.7 m) tall. All Adraodan Minotaurs are major Psychics, but only a tenth of the tribe is some other class than Crusader of Light.

The Adraodan have already had their first taste of evil, and have made their first eternal enemy, the Kkairojan tribe. These two are like the opposite sides of the same coin. Despite their better judgement, most Adraodan feel they must track down, and stop the evil Kkairojans, no matter what the cost.


The tribal leadership has undergone a change when two other tribes of good Minotaurs were welcomed in and absorbed by the Adraodan. The Etrinan Tribe which was dwindled to 25 members left alive, mostly (19) males. The Serelan Tribe which was dwindled to 107 members left alive, after defeating the Idrijian Tribe of evil Minotaurs. Together they had bonded and become the Serinan Tribe. Now with Xerx’ses marriage to Laval’liere (lav-uh-leer) they are all members of the Adraodan Tribe.

The leadership is now a triumvirate council made up of Chieftain Xixin, Chieftain Rostam, and Chieftain Laval’liere.

New totals for population are 2,856 with an average alignment of Principled (35%) and Scrupulous (65%).


Picture by our own AZ Rune.


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