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Rell finds this mysterious axe in the Dread Pirate Jason’s Treasure. The day he leaves the group he presents S’Erith with Al-Mar-Syzzn.

S’Erith then gives the axe to Cava. Cava then gives this axe to a Ramen in Sinza..

It has the following properties:

Principled alignment
3D6 damage 2x Damage to undead, creatures of magic, demons, devils, minions of Dark, & evil supernatural beings.
After 2 weeks- Allows master to understand, read, & write all non-magic languages at 66%.
After 4 Weeks- 4 spells 110 PPE/day (midnight replenish)
Rock to Mud
Encase Object in Stone
Wall of Stone
Travel Through Stone
After 3 Weeks- Curse- Obsessed with collecting old Elven toys
After 4 Weeks- Curse of Spoilage

Picture by Mr. Costumes.



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