Algor Frost Giants

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This race is found almost exclusively in the Northern Wilderness, but some are still known to exist in the highest peaks throughout Palladium. Held in great esteem, even worshiped by some Wolfen, they are extremely hostile towards dwarves and elves for the giants believe they were responsible for their wholesale slaughter in the Elf-Dwarf War. They are intolerant of humans because of man’s alliance to Dwarves and Elves.

Abilities/Stats Known: 15’-20’ tall, nightvision, impervious to cold.
High SDC/HP.

See the campaign logs Softer Side of a Dwarf, How Rell Recovered, Flee From the Father, To Be A Hero, Ursus Fights Some (His) Demons, and A Missing Missive for encounters with Algor Frost Giants.

Picture from Nate Barnes.


Algor Frost Giants

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