Antes Temple

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The temple rest upon a 30’ tall stone dais. Entry to the temple is through a magical steel gate. Beyond the gate is a long stairway of 100 steps leading to the Vestibule. Each step is engraved with one of the names of Isis. Sticking out, 80 feet above the golden doors of the the Vestibule, is a pyramid of bright white marble.

Once to the top of the 100 stairs, one may move through the doors or to the right or left to the priests’ living chambers.

Once through the Vestibule doors, one sees that the Vestibule is bathed in radiant sunlight, regardless of weather, day or night. Most of the oblong floor space is a shallow pool of holy water where the priests and visitors ritually bathe. At the far end of the Vestibule is an opaque shimmering archway.
Once one passes through the archway it looks as though they are in the middle of a perfectly flat, yellow sand desert facing a 50’ pyramid with golden steps leading to the top. Behind is the shimmering archway.
Atop the pyramid is a blue flame. Within the blue flame hovers the basketball-sized platinum Heart of Osiris.

The Temple is managed by Father William and protected by Elyth.

See the campaign logs Touched by an Angel, Heart of Haven, Bon Voyage, and Ocean Voyage to Haven for more on CrIsis’ first visit to Haven.

It now also holds the Osiris Left Foot. Please see the log Antes Temple Expands.


Antes Temple

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