Anti-Magic Cloud

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Those who are ignorant of the great old magicks insist that this one time Spell of Legend never existed, that it is impossible, and is merely another myth. They are wrong. This incredible spell creates an ominous, dark grey-brown cloud large enough to hang over an entire town. It cannot be dispelled magically or by manipulating the weather, atmospheric conditions or elementals.

The cloud’s effect is as singular as it is spectacular; it simply negates all magic! Practitioners of magic cannot use magic of any kind, and most magic weapons, items, devices, scrolls, potions, fumes, and charms are impotent. Any object of magic (except runes and rune swords/weapons) are rendered harmless as long as it is under the anti-magic cloud. The magic returns when the cloud is cancelled. Only the creator of the cloud is not affected (he can still use his magic)! Once outside the cloud’s range the magic abilities return. Note: The anti-magic cloud is no longer classified as a spell of Legend, because its existence has been verified and in the last decade, been reintroduced to the world.

A Cloud can be negated by another cloud, or by Negate Magic. Use negate magic rules on negating clouds.


Anti-Magic Cloud

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