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A RARE Two handed “Stone” Rune Weapon

Two Handed for those of human stature, one handed for Wolfen or Minotaurs

This ancient two handed stone weapon has runes carved into its haft and head, but may not be of Dwarven make. It predates the Elf-Dwarf War, although it was used extensively during that conflict. The personality of the mace is that of an honorable patriot who fights for his homeland and master, not out of hatred for the Elves. Indeed, this weapon has served numerous Elven Masters over the centuries, although it prefers the company of Dwarves. Anzuroq posses all the common powers of a rune weapon with the following additional powers:

  • Damage per strike: 1D4 X 10
  • Earth Elemental Magic
  • Unique Soul Drinking Petrification Attack

It is known that it Anzuroq has a curse to affect those unhonorable, non-good intentions when used by them. Inflicting its special soul-drinking style attack upon them when used for the wrong reasons.

It had been the primary weapon of Zeelik, of the Etrinan Tribe.

NOTE: Currently in possession of Rostam

Anzuroq the Stone Mace from Cremuss.



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