Arrow of Maip

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This is the rarest of things, a holy rune arrow. It is held by Ylren.

0 damage to good aligned characters
Normal damage to selfish or evil characters
Double damage to supernatural evil or minions of the dark
If selfish or evil arrow returns automatically to owner, except when magic attack
Ylren can sense arrow 2000’ away.


Can cast 1 of the following 2x/day, or 1 of these spells once, then another once- no more than 2 magic attacks/day. Cannot go more than 10 uses without using an Osiris Parts as magic.

Light of Ra- Shot into air, will illuminate up to 1000’ area with true sunlight. Lasts 30 minutes
Serpent of Thoth- The arrow becomes a serpent, and whoever is struck is afflicted with the spell Swords to Snakes (10th level)
Moon Beam of Isis- Arrow turns silver. +3 strike Range 2x (max 2500’) Damage 2x
Truth of Horus- 2x damage or, if shapechanger, normal damage but transform into natural form (no save)
Bennu’s Flame- Arrow turns into fire, extra 10D6 damage.
Apis’ Anger- Arrow turns to stone, extra 8D6 damage
Song of Bast- Arrow plays music, target spell Love Charm (10th lev) if save then 2x dam
Osiris’ Parts- Roll 1D20- if 1-17 then that corresponding spell, 18-20 is choice.

When the magic is used, the arrow takes an additional attack to return.

If it strikes a good being it falls, seemingly broken, appearing as a normal arrow. Only the owner of it, its brother, the Arrow of Ma’at, or the owner of one of the 7 rune arrows of Ith’arian would automatically know what it is- others must save versus magic to see it as anything but a broken arrow.

Arrow of Ma’ip History
This arrow was made at the beginning of the Elf-Dwarf War, by a group of priests of Dwarven heritage. The forger himself was a devout follower of Osiris. They saw it as a way to end the war by showing the Gods dislike, but instead followers of the Dark made a companion, the arrow of Ma’at. Since then the 2 arrows have encouraged war against the other side of Light/Dark- not caring at all of the Elves, Dwarves, or any other race- only religion. This arrow was given Ylren’s father when Ylren was still to young to wield a bow. A hooded figure said that Ylren’s father needed to give the broken arrow to Ylren when he was old enough, because the gods would summon him. The man quickly disappeared and Ylren’s father forgot about the arrow until one day when he was cleaning out the family chest. He remembered the weird man and figured that it would give Ylren an opportunity to salvage the arrow. He handed it to Ylren and as soon as his son touched the broken arrow it became whole. From then on Ylren’s father never doubted thatthe gods would call his son. He trained him to be the best like him.

Picture by Holicia.


Arrow of Maip

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