Baalgor Mountains

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CrIsis arrives in these mountains after leveling a path through the Yin Sloth Jungle.

These mountains rise out of the jungle much like the Andes range rises above the Amazon, but in height and width, as well as climate for most of the range, resembles the Rocky Mountains of North America. Most of the mountain range is fairly steep with jagged peaks, deep valleys, and few roads. Pines and spruce are common on the slopes.

Please see the log and ‘To Be a Hero’ and ‘Highway to Hades’ for more on CrIsis in the Baalgor Mountains.

‘There and Back Again’ tells of Giant Stronghold, called Gurthasi Algor, and it has recently been overrun by the Gromek Warlords of the same region. The giants that survived are trying to find solace and shelter or regroup with other Giant strongholds.


Baalgor Mountains

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