Baba Agniew

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Little is known about this woman who lived more than a thousand years ago, but what is known is strange enough. Her name was Anna Agniew, and later in life she was given the title of Baba (grandmother) by many of the people who she dealt with.

Of what is known, much of it conflicts with other so called ‘facts’. Some believe her to have been a Seer. Others think she was Insane. A few think she was a charlatan. One thing that is known is that she spent more time with the fair folk than with humans, and that could have contributed to rumors of her insanity.

There is a record of an Anna Agniew who frequently donated to the church of Horus, but whether or not it is the same woman is unknown.

Picture courtesy of The New York Times and taken by Oleg Nikishin.

Baba Agniew

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