Bear's Claw

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Ursus’ Lightbringer Hunting Knife

This Holy Lightbringer Hunting Knife is currently being carried by Ursus Arctos.

This blade is 12 inches long from hilt to tip. The hilt is made from the black ivory tusk of a Kalruck beast. They are common to Bear’s Head Bay and very difficult to kill and harvest the ivory. The hilt is 4 inches long and very difficult for average humans to grasp and handle.

This Holy Lightbringer Hunting knife does the following:

Damage: 2d6+6, Double to Evil Beings.

Glows Blue when unsheathed and in the presence of Evil.

Many moons after Ursus “rescued” the Villagers of Kanáta’, he returned to visit. Upon his return the Chieftain brought him to the village center and presented him with this special blade as a return for saving the village. Ursus looks at the blade and says: “Cool, I like it.” He places it in his bag and then makes sure all is well in the village, then leaves.

Picture and design by A.G. Russell and Phil Gibbs


Bear's Claw

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