Bizantium History

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This is a relatively new power in the Palladium world made up of mostly seafaring humans. This is a land of Nobles and Merchants.

Population: 653,000 Humans 80,000 Others 1,000 Dwarves
The islands of Bizantium are almost exclusively human, with 1000 dwarves living in and around Sinza.
Capital: Bizantium City
Ruler: King Wilgan
Government: There are two powers in Bizantium, the royal line of kings and the 273 Noble Houses.
Law: A proxy system. Nonhumans have no rights in any Bizantium court.
Armed Force: The Bizantium Navy is one of the best, if not the best, on Palladium. There are 4 Fleets, each in charge of a region around Bizantium, except the fourth, which is used for long-range reconnaissance and merchant ship protection.
Religion: Algor is the official religion of Bizantium, while many also worship the Northern Religion. The Church of Light and Dark and druidism are also popular.
Special Notes:
Magic & Psionics: Magic users and psionic characters are officially tolerated, but actually thought of as wicked people. The only exceptions are warlocks.
Wolfen: While wolfen are officially not accepted, and not tolerated at all on the islands of Bizantium, some noble houses have made treaties with the wolfen to allow mainland colonies in the Northern Wilderness.
Scouting Corps: The Scouting Corps of Bizantium are an official royal wing. They are world famous in their ability to find safe paths through the seas of Palladium, including the infamous Sea of Dread.
Shipyards: While the maximum any other nation has is 2, Bizantium has 9 operating shipyards!

Cities and Regions of Bizantium


Bizantium History

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