Black Thunder

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Willy’s bald eagle.

Black Thunder is a big ol’ dick of an eagle. He is only nice to people who are nice to Willy. If you disrespect him or Willy, he will crap on you or mimic an owl and vomit some food up on your bed. He was given to Willy when Willy joined the army.

4 1/2’
PS 19
SDC 27
HP 17
PPE 12

Attacks: 3
Bite 1D6 Claw 1D4 Diving Claw 3D6
Init +3
Strike +3
Dodge +5
Save HF +3
Spd Burst Dive

Leather armor for Black Thunder 10/20 Impervious to Fire, 1/2 Normal Weight, Sky Blue (add +25 to Prowl while flying)

Picture from The Roosevelts.


Black Thunder

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