Book of AZAD

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According to Xerx’ses the following is what can be gleaned of the inner workings of this bound book:

  • There are 300 sheaths of parchment within the book.
  • 73 of them are partially burned from a previously unsuccessful attempt to study the book.
  • It contains every spell Xerx’ses knows.
  • He has to utter his mentor, A’zad’s true name and smear his blood on the spine to make it reveal a warning that it is “NOT” a Dwarven Book of Magic. Further information can be gleaned with more blood on the spine and Decipher Magic.
  • After page 50 the book is blank / hiding more secrets.
  • Pages: 55-75 Temple Leap – Level 13: Faith based Teleport Spell
  • Page: 76 told about light until all that is unseen is seen. Xerx’ses learned Azad teaches/speaks through the tome from beyond the grave!
  • Pages: 77-86 Impervious to Fire – Level 3: Self-explanatory
  • Pages: 87-109 Not yet learned
  • Pages: 110-113 Increase Weight – Level 1: Self-explanatory
  • Pages: 114-126 Blind – Level 4: Self-explanatory
  • Pages: 127-150 Not yet learned

Xerx’ses has not yet had time to study it further.

Xerx’ses holds this tome of magic knowledge.

Please see the logs In a Troker Hold and The Game is a Foot – HA! for more notes about it in the game.


Book of AZAD

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