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Known to have been a part of Dread Pirate Jason’s treasure, this cutlass is plain compared to most rune weapons as it only bears a few markings at the base of the blade. It radiates good.

36" Blade; 6" of available grip; golden colored basket hilt able to accept even a large wolfen hand. The sword now gleams when light hits it. Update 21st of Selestra: The sword appears to be getting bigger and has a 38" blade and the available grip is 8" long.

CURRENT LOCATION: It is now in the hands of Xerx’ses.


I.Q.: 12 Can speak telepathically with its wielder or potential wielders.
ALIGNMENT: Scrupulous (Good) Has a strong passion for retributive justice and actions over diplomacy. Occasionally very talkative, otherwise silent.
SAVING THROWS MOD.: + 1 bonus This applies to ALL saving throws when in physical contact with the wielder.
8D6; versus Evil Alignments (flame special).
Double damage versus evil alignments. When facing evil the blade will catch fire doing 8D6 damage (does 6d6 damage to those IMMUNE to fire).
STRIKE/PARRY: +1 Apis gives Xerx’ses on the Festival of Apis, 113, the missing jewel from Callandor’s hilt, restoring its +1 to strike and parry.


Callandor was made at the end of the Elf-Dwarf War, by one of the last Dwarven runesmiths. It was made during the last peace before the dwarves laid waste to Baalgor, creating the Wastelands, and ending all hope for a peaceful settlement. It is this reason that Callandor was held out of the bloodshed, and contributes to his silence. His maker took him to the wastes after the spell, and Callandor felt all the suffering and loss of its result…. He was passed within the family for years, until an Elven party slayed the Runic descendents, fearing incorrectly that the knowledge had been passed on. Callandor was eventually deposited in the Northern Wilderness, another lost weapon from a lost age. Its lack of remarkable features left it as just part of the horde that the Dread Pirate Jason acquired.

When Captain Overkill died in the created River of Lava Spell, both Asher and Xerx’ses girded with magic delved into the lava and recovers this sword and the Left Foot of Osiris. Overkill was the first wielder of the sword and its friend. He was also the first Dwarf that Xerx’ses ever met. After spending thousands of years silent, it never told Overkill how it felt about him as a true friend. It is crawling through Xerx’ses’ mind for every memory of the Dwarf because those memories include time Callandor and the dwarf were together. Thus a bond, a new friendship has begun through grief for both of them.

Update: 12th of Gryphon, 3rd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom

It’s damaged has doubled from 4D6 to 8D6 during the battle with the evil dragon. Both the sword and Xerx’ses felt more powerful facing evil foes. This is the first tangible sign that his Ritual of Soul Binding has actually worked on the sword.

Update: 20th of Grekar, 3rd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom

As a reward to his never ending donations to the Church of Light, during the Festival of Apis he was given a ruby legends say were once apart of Callandor that harnessed the bonuses of the Dwarves that made him. What additional powers that may reveal themselves have yet to come forth. Xerx’ses can sense weapon up to 4 miles away.

Update: 21st of Selestra, 3rd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom

When facing evil the blade will catch fire doing 8D6 damage (does 6d6 damage to those IMMUNE to fire).

Picture by AZ_RUNE.



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