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Human Ranger and Follower of Isis
Complete character sheet is Here.

Cava is short and stocky, yet moves with a grace that belies his size. He has long black hair, hazel eyes, and a piercing gaze. Clothed in leather armor, he carries a short-hafted bearded axe as well as his bow and quiver.


Cava left his home in Williamshire shortly after the inexplicable slaughter of both his parents and his lover. Tortured and left for dead, Cava himself barely survived the encounter. His life was saved by Wolfen slaves who happened upon the scene. Once handsome, Cava’s body is now covered in scars, the most notable being a long scar on on the left side of his face.

After wandering around the Eastern Territory for several years, he eventually arrived at the city of Greenbough where he met Nath Everall. Sensing a kindred spirit, Everall eventually befriended the youth and taught him both the Elven Ranger secrets as well as the ways of Isis. Though he settled down in Greenbough for a while, Cava was wandering around the Eastern Territory as if driven when Isis called him to join CrIsis.

Generous to a fault, Cava offers easy friendship — on his own terms — as a way to escape his personal demons. An introverted man, he is slow to trust and rarely discusses himself or his past. He is unswervingly loyal to those few whom have earned his trust.

Cava despises slavery.

Isis recently healed Cava’s body of all blemish by a ritual baptism in a Temple of Osiris

Cava was born in the month of Set, under the sign of Aster the Centaur. Those born under this sign are free spirits who do not like to be tied down. They crave the road and adventure, and have an insatiable curiosity. Aster is also the patron of the bow, and Longbowmen like Cava consider it good luck when Aster’s constellation can be seen in the night sky.


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