Chain Lightning

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This spell was developed by Xerx’ses whom proposed the current spell known mostly to Air Warlocks and some wizards be called – Lightning Storm. The single biggest difference is that the mystical arc of lightning generates from the wielder and not the sky! It then leaps to the first target and from them to adjacent targets within the line of sight of the wielder or target! When each target is hit the caster’s eyesight is momentarily advance to that location simply to acquire the next target! Once it hits earth by running out of targets or misses then that ends the spell with grounding the magical energy.

*Saving Throw: None. This spell always hits its targets unless they roll a natural 20 or a modified 24 (with bonuses) to dodge!

Damage: Special
Damage: 1st target – 1D6 per level of experience
Damage: 2nd target – 1D6 per level of experience -1D6
Damage: 3rd target – 1D6 per level of experience -2D6
Damage: 4th target – 1D6 per level of experience -3D6
and so on until the damage runs out or it misses and grounds the lightning.

Range: 300ft
P.P.E. 35 per casting
Level: 8


Chain Lightning

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