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Changelings are an ancient race of shape changers that go back throughout Palladium history- some say they were around for the legendary Age of Chaos! Changeling hysteria is a constant, reoccurring phenomenon in which massive purges are launched to exterminate them. Today some believe that Changelings are extinct, while others spread rumors of communities of them- one common rumor is that there are Changelings all over Y-Oda and the Library of Bletherad. After all, how can you know when one is in your midst?

The key ways to determine if a being is a changeling are they have weak constitutions. This means they tire easily, and are susceptible to disease. They also have no tolerance for alcohol, and cannot eat salt without becoming ill and nauseous.

They give birth much like the Earth Marsupials- with a pouch for keeping the young safe. Each parent has a pouch and nipple for suckling.

Mack is a Changeling who served in CrIsis, and Gavin served as well. Gavin’s wife, Morgan Lutteur, is also a changeling.

Abilities/Stats Known: Shape changers, High ME & MA, Low PE, Low natural PB & Speed. SDC/HP:Average

Changeling picture by Mind of Ka.



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