Character Logs

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Character Logs are the Campaigns Organized by Character



Musical Chairs
A Rose is Still a Rose
Whom to Trust?
Bed Chamber
A Sailor’s Vision
A Dwarf Without a Compass
Nine Lives
Emotion on the Table
A Captain’s Rebuttal
My Fellow Pirate
Life in the Brink
The Story of Honeysuckle
Where Will the Lost be Found?
New Toys and Old Dead Guys
Wolfen Games?
I Qualified
A Baby’s Burial
Lopanic Try Outs
Alone In a Crowd
Two Weeks at Sea
A Prayer of the Broken and Lost
The Nothing
The Eyes of Madness
Through the Looking Glass
Gromeks and Gods
The Ship Roggan
The Minotaur and the Golem
Lets Talk
The Sea, She Can Be a Real Bitch
Pirates and Priests
Low on Cash in Kaash
Bennu the Benevolent
Prayers of a Dwarf
A Sailor’s Fear
Her Name Was Jasmine
The Mage and His Secrets
Chips Ahoy
Three Gods
Letter to Malkin
I Wish You Luck!
Give Me Some Ribs
Island of Death
The Repentant
The Gods and Lemaria
Death Waiting to Happen
War on the Horizon
The Power of Rune
The Trial of the Redbeard Clan
Tree Huggers and Snow
Choose Wisely
Knives, Glorious Knives
Rise of Signs
Softer Side of a Dwarf
Five of Seven
Thoth’s New Son
The Prayer
We Are Not Going to Survive
The Facade
Faeries, Ogres, Dwarves. Oh My
Pirate Reborn
Pirates? What the…
Heart of Haven
Bon Voyage
The Ruse
Day Two of the Library
Secrets of the Library
City of Knowledge
Captain’s Log


Knick-Knack Paddy-Whack Give a Dog My Kingdom for a Bone!
Good Goddamn Goodbyes By Bygone Gods Buy Goodbye
Solipsism, Antinatalism, and Nihilism Walk Into a Bar
Jungle Juggle Jiggle the Jism Jingle Jangle
Euphoric Oric or the Wind Blows the Bellows Below
I’m the TezSCAT Man!!! Skinny Little diddly do Bobbup Bo!
I’m a Rainbow Too!
Vagrant Theologian and a Sea of Air Over the Abyss of Oblivion
RSVP – répondez s’il vous plaît
On Wings of Fire and Frost…It’s a Date!
Seagulls and Swells with Briny Trial Bombshells
Air an Heir Seclorum Ignoti In Cogito Incognito Squirrell Seagulls
Windy Sass From a Breezy Lass or is it Love at Last
Tornado of Souls and the Maelstrom of Malevolence
New Crests CrIsis Convert Concert With a Wind Blast Upskirt That Hits Pay Dirt
Run Home to Come Home For a Homecoming Homerun
Tyvernos Rejoins CrIsis
Air We Go Ere We Go
Ascend the Heavens and Descend Into Madness
Gusts of Gusto Are Balmy in the Eyes Breeze
Bungle In the Jungle Bunghole
Neither Knowledge Gleaned Nor Wisdom Gained
40 Paces Does Not a Duel Make
Who Knew Bone-New?
Deevil Dark Distraction and the Snore Heard Round the World
Bent Over Bennudiction
A Little of This and a Little of That
Wind Dines With a Dwarf and Shoots the Breeze
Tyvernos’ Last Words?
Winds of Change
She Glaives Me Not
Pull My Finger
Climax of Confusion or Denouement of Disaster
Come Fly With Me
Bathing in Bennude?
Where the Wind Blows?


Penpal For My Father
Our Father Is Saved
From the Garden of Draethsemane to Rogtilda
Return to Mishala- Part 2
Return to Mishala Part-1
The Right Hand of Osiris Part 3
The Right Hand of Osiris Part 2
The Right Hand of Osiris
Thank You Master Weaver
The Most Dangerous Man in the World
The Game is a Foot – HA!
Our Results
I Won What?
Goodbye My Mended Heart
‘’One if by Land, Two if by Sea’‘
So The Defilers Were Who Again
Your Replacement is Nice and All But
Goodness and Patience For Fear
I Miss You Good Sir
My Soul is Lighter, Thank You!
A Call to Etrinan’s Noble Soul
May He Rest Among the Tomes
Another Brother For Etrinan
From Wastelands to the Games
Honesty in Prayer
Never Forget Never Forgive A Sin
Dear Master Kel-ed
From Palladin to Palladin
When You Wrong a Friend
To Old Gregg
In Elves We Trust
Utu & Anubis
I Am Coming For You
Brothers Etrinan
A Word For the Bard
There and Back Again
Morning of the 25th of Ra
A Star For a Fool
It Is Always Darkest Before the Dawn
I Am Unworthy
To Be a Hero
A Word to a Bard
Welcome to the Jungle
The Trip Home- Sort Of
Strength of a Soul
Understanding A Noble Soul, A Lightbringer
How To Heal From Hate
Shouldering the Sins of the Past
For the Sins of My People


Silver Linings
Overkill Permanently Captured
CrIsis the Mighty
Nara to Nothing
On a Wing and a Prayer
Defiler Defiled
Heroes Amongst Us All
Fear and Loathing in New Crests
Childhood Heroes
Duty Is Heavy As a Feather
Powers That Be
The Early Travels of Indaris Excellar
Earth Wind and Fire
The Gods Work In Mysterious Ways


Meditation on reaching the 10th Circle of Enlightenment
Travelogue From Majestic 3rd-28th on Behalf of CrIsis
Asher on the Advent of the 1st of Majestic
Asher’s Prayer
The Journey Continues
A Simple Missive
My First Days
Hear Me, Oh CrIsis


Declaration of Purpose
Azariel’s Trials
A Semester’s Excitement
I Got In
In a Troker Hold
Assistance, Please!
Courting Luck
Rurgan Roulette
Zealotry Update
Peace, Be Still
The Battle’s Front
Indifference or In Deference
A Study of Magic
Letter to Sezar
Ego and Id
Ceptaculum pro Vim Psychicae in Potentia
Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam
To the Captor
Dearest Nippy
Highway to Hades
Puppy Love
New Day Dawns



Missing Home
With One Accord in a Flash
Postcard From the Edge
Return From the City of the Dead
Much of Nothing About a Do(od)
Time for Vacation
Touched by an Angel
My Dinner with Andre
Emerald Ghosts and Wimpy Wolven
Chip’s First Log


From Worse to Worst
Lost in Tranzlation


Worldwide Plot
Drunken Lullabies
Do Not Dread Skred
Malkin to the Rescue
Lessons Failed
Serving Others
Rise of the Brotherhood
End of the Road
Mind Games
Letters to Home
A Time of Need
Voice of Reason
Party Planning Committee
Vacations From Life
A Message to the Followers
Gavin Comes Out
When Life Gives You Lemons
The Babysitter’s Club
Dancing With Faeries
Interview With a God
Warrior of Blood
Free at Last


Sorrow and Repentance
Death Awaits Us All
Political Makeover
Urgent Reply
River Trip
Cava’s Folly
Letter From Haven
Vox Bardus
Bad Gnome Rising
The Paths of the Dead
Time’s Frozen Pain
Cava’s Prayer
Night of the Alu Demons
Flee From the Father
The Waking Nightmare
A Poor Companion, He
Every Time
What Hath Isis Wrought?


The View From the Edge
Rell’s Penance
How Rell Recovered
In Which Rell Is Just Rell
Who Are You?
The Day That Rell Awoke
How Rell Conquered
What Rell Feared
The Conversation
How Rell Changed
What Rell Did
What Rell Saw


Drauka’s Death
Drauka’s Dithering
Drauka the Detective
Drauka’s Double Take
Drauka the Diver
Drauka the Discoverer
Drauka the Diplomat
Drauka the Dreamer


Roggan’s Requiem
Roggan’s Other Other Other Other Other Other Log!!!
Hardened Heart and Resolve
Bluto’s Other Log!?!
Roggan’s Other^5 Log!!!
Roggan’s Letter to Wakiw
Roggan’s Other^4 Log!!!
Bluto’s Log???
Roggan’s Other Other Other Log
Roggan’s Other Other Log
Roggan’s Other Log!!!
Roggan’s Log!!!


Pigeon Upon Arrival
A Missive of Healing
The Cleanse
Clearing the Minds
Commission to Pastor Vertan
Like a Dog Who’s Caught a Carriage
To My Bestest Friends in CrIsis
Tolerable Intolerance
Clues in the Night!
To The Depths
Soul Search
Teleportation For Dummies
A Ghost Storey
Ja’deir’s Transcendence


Pack Leader
The Party No One Wants To Miss
Damn Humans Can’t Do Anything Right
Greldarr’s First Day With Humans


For the Masses
I Am Water
A Prayer


Letter Number Two
Letter Number One

Ferrel Fesqueue

Two Women
Pigeon a la Rose
A Too Bright Dawn
CrIsis Comes a Calling
What About Rell?


Gifts of the Gods
A Day in the Life:CrIsis
The Voyage of the Damned
After Action Report 2nd Kym-nark-mar
Ponderings to Humara


Pussy Galore


Destiny Knocks


Robert the Just
Sea of Despair- CrIsis Style
Nights of Captains
Robert the Just’s First Report on CrIsis

Morgan Lutteur
The Mourning After

Lord of Sinza
Ambassador Overkill?
Civil War, Barbarians, and Other News
The Betrayal

Nath Everall
Take Me To The River
Message From Nath

Greminor Lector
Greatest Alchemist in the World
Greminor’s Reply

Fireside Chat
Beira Doceu

Ondemeira the White
Change Afoot

Reversal of Faith
Middle is the New Black
Oops! Stepped In It!
Caer Itom and Springgate
Nipshanks Update #1

A Meeting With U’Selekma
To Sekti-Abtu, Forthwith!
Forward to Bizantium
Llorn Sucks!
Who Is Patch?
Life at the Shop
The Hymn of Northolme
Village of Fire
Pilgrims of the South

Skred Uryte
Strange Occurences
Sad News
Long Time No Hear
Timiro Triumphant
Slave Uprising Two
Bounty Hunters
Slave Uprising

Raf Innisfahl
You Say You Want a Revolution
Building a Stairway to Heaven
Carry On My Wayward Son

Terramore Gleba
See You at the Games
Commander Gleba, Reporting
The Turn of a King
Ultimate Sacrifice
The Happy Warrior
CrIsis Changing
Two Bits of Prose
Desertion by Death
The Day of the Gods

Boons? Go Boom!
Location, Location, Location

The End is Near

Dearest Nephew
Rod Rambler, Chronicler
Island of Mystery
Ocean Voyage to Haven
Rifts Earth
The Goddess & A New World
The Wanderer

Malkin Falimede
Lopanic Games Info
Next Project?
Book Five Is Published
Warning: Great Danger Awaits
Aurora Tristinium and Minotaurs
Minotaurs- Honorable and Immoral
Books, Death, and Tithes
Strange Tides

Bishop Rose Nodeki
Internal Politics
Who Takes Bishop?
War Imminent
Assistance Needed

Jidian Kulder
A Prayer to Isis in the Cave of the Tezcat Necromancer
A Letter to the Library

Zeelik Stonemace
Triumph Over Evil
Etrinan Serelan United
Comfort in Crisis
Etrinan Forever

Sir Quixis Ote
Update From Haven

Father Philip
Apprehension and Uncertainty
The Obelisk


The Agent
Bow Before Me
Double Crossed
A Gift
Cyrus Far’zan, Ours
Hey Azariel- Your Dad is Dead
Cava, We Love Your Service
Ovkral- Surrender!
Our Conquest Begins


Character Logs

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