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Pygmy Scholar, Follower of Horus and the Church of Light & Dark

Name Chu
Rank 5th Level
Race Pygmy

HT 4’5" Save vs Spell
WT 70 lbs Save vs ritual
PPE 12 Save vs Psionic
HP 32 Save vs toxin +2
SDC 12 Save vs poison +2
Level 5 Save vs Drugs
Exp. 17051 Save vs Insanity
Birthday 10-1-88 (age 20) Save vs poss.
HTH:Expert Save vs horror +2
Gold 610 Western Save vs coma/death
Alignment Scrupulous Save vs disease +2
Charm/Impress 50% Save vs illusion
Trust/Intimidate 60% Save vs. m.c.
Attribute Score COMBAT Bonus
IQ 20 Strike +2
ME 14 Parry +3
MA 20 Dodge +4
PS 14 Roll +3
PP 10 Pull +2
PE 15 Initiative +1
PB 20 Damage
SPD 36 Entangle
Attacks 4
Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown
Sword 1 +2 +2 +1
Blow Gun 1 +2
Spear 1 +3 +1
Weapons: Damage SDC or Make AR or Range
Short Sword 2D4+3 Dwarven
Blowpipe 1D4 30’
Short Spear 1D6/2D6 Magic 100’
Armor Leather 30 11
Short spear, the Sliver of Horus, teleports back to users hand after striking. 1st damage is hth, 2nd is thrown.

Kicks: Karate 2D4+5 Back Sweep: Knockdown only Tripping Leg Hook: Knockdown only
All below skills have a +6% bonus for IQ 20 included

OCC Skills Base % OCC B+ CL-A C-R Total % Secondary Skills Base % CL-A C-R Total %
Language: Southern 98 0 1 5 98% Track/Trap Animals 20/30+5 1 5 46/56%
Language:Dwarven 40+5 26 1 5 86% Swimming 40+5 1 5 66%
Language: Western 40+5 26 1 5 86% Land Navigation 30+4% 1 5 52%
Language: Elven(Blessed) 40+5 26 1 5 86% Running 1 5
Literacy: Elven (blessed) 30+5 26 1 5 76% WP Mouth Weapon 1 5
Literacy: Western 30+5 26 1 5 76% Athletics 3 5
Literacy: Southern 30+5 26 1 5 76%
Math: Basic 45+5 26 1 5 91%
Lore: Demon/Monsters 25+5 26 1 5 71%
Sign Language 25+5 16 1 5 61%
Prowl 25+5 18 1 5 63%
Wilderness Survival 30+5 26 1 5 76%
WP Sword 1 5
OCC Related Skills Base % OCC B+ CL-A C-R Total %
Sign Language 25+5 16 1 5 61%
First Aid 30+5 6 1 5 56%
Horsemanship: General 35/20+5 6 1 5 61/46%
Streetwise 20+4 6 1 5 46%
Use/Recognize Poison 24/16+4 6 1 5 46/38%
Botany 25+5 16 1 5 61%
History: 35+5 21 1 5 76%
Sailing 35/20+5 21 1 5 76/61%
Seamanship 22+4 21 1 5 59%
Sewing (Blessed) 25+5 16 1 5 61%
Shipwreck Survival 27+3 6 1 5 45%
Cooking 30+5 20 1 5 70%
Lore: Demon/Monster (Blessed) 30+5 21 1 5 71%
Flag Signalling 18+6 16 3 5 46%

Natural Abilities:
Nightvision- 30’

Inventory: Two sets of jungle clothing, boots, hat, belt, bedroll, backpack, large sack, 3 small sacks, water skin, 1 set of winter clothes including pants, boots, long johns, socks, shirt, hooded cloak and hat, food rations for 3 weeks, 6 sticks of charcoal, 2 crow quill pens, bottle of ink, 13 sheets of parchment paper, a 100 page notebook, small mirror, 30’ of vine rope, small pouch with fire sand (3 uses), 2 doses of paralysis poison, 2 doses of sleeping poison,2 doses of burning poison, & a tinder box. 4 catoblepus horns. map of timiro coast.
Has a horse.


My life was good in the forest, I prepared for my trials to become a member of the tribe with my father Croe for many months before it began. When Shuat, our elder, gave me the blowgun and dagger made from my father’s first kill and sent me into the woods I felt prepared for the trials ahead and happy to begin; at the time I did not know that our forest had been infiltrated by members of the New Life Order.

I found the tracks of a mighty beast quickly, looking for broken twigs and smashed moss like I was taught. The tracks went for many miles taking me far beyond the woods I had grown up in forcing me to leave markers on the trees. After three days tracking I found the home of the creature nestled in growth under some trees but it seemed off, the air was too quiet and the ground seemed to be far too broken for just one creature. I realized the tracks were human too late. I was their prisoner.

They bound my arms and legs and covered my eyes, I think they were trying to disorient and confuse me. We traveled for days in the jungle I was dragged blindfolded behind them and yelled at if I stumbled. I noticed the change in the trail gradually as we came to more established trails eventually they put me in a wooden box filled with other bodies all of us bound and blinded it was here I learned that the men were slavers from the New Life Order collecting prisoners to sell to the Western kingdom. It was here that my life as a pygmy ended.

I was brought before a group of people and told to stand on a wooden platform so they could examine me. A thin man with an evil look in his eye bought me and took me to a small castle on the border of the Yin Sloth jungle. I was beaten if I spoke in my native tongue and forced to learn to read their language so I could clean the library and replace the books that were used. I worked under the thin evil eyed man who I came to learn was the lord’s personal historian, a man by the name of Rupert, who took great pleasure in striking me at the slightest affront. I was punished by this man for four years of my life. Rupert works for the son of the Overlord, Lord Ostuk Glaverius XX.

It was in this place I found a true passion, learning about the world. I devoured the books whenever I could hiding away so I would not be seen while I read and avoid punishment. The books talked of far away places and kingdoms that are no more and I wanted to know more. It also spoke of people who could control the very elements and commune with the forces of nature, this caused a yearning in my heart that aches even now so many years later.

I read of a library so vast that it stores the worlds knowledge a place that does not see who where you come from but accepts all that wish to learn. It was claimed that any topic even those of a magical nature where held within the walls. It seemed like a place that held any answer I could ever want and I knew I had to find a way there.

A plan was formed in my mind on how to escape and I acted on it quickly. When Rupert asked for his nightly wine I slipped some of the horses sedative in with it to make him fall asleep quickly before he could leave the library. Once he was asleep I took his key to his safe and grabbed his purse of coins along with some new clothes, the books on the library and warlocks, and my fathers blowgun and sword put them in a pile and wrapped them in a water tight skin I had taken from the laundry. With these in hand I worked my way into the sewers and floated out of the castle and far down stream before going to land and beginning my journey to the library.

After two years of traveling pretending to be an adopted son of a nobleman I finally arrived at this library and I was at a complete loss for words. It is amazing, the sheer size dwarfs anything I have seen before and the people let me go were I please and help me find what I need. I have learned the many things about the world here and many things about the warlocks. Sadly the one thing I have not found is how to make my first connection to the forces of nature. But I will leave here and scour the globe if I have to to learn the ways of the warlock.

Chu was born under the sign of the Pegasus. You are a determined and patient person who is goal-oriented. You work hard and play hard. Nothing gets in you way once you are focused on your goal.


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