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Thought to be extinct by many, the Danzi date back to the Age of Chaos. During that horrific war against the Old Ones, a God delayed bringing his forces to bear in a battle against Netosa. More than 60 million Danzi died, more than 99% of their population. This story is passed down through the Danzi- yet there is no mention of the Danzi in the known copies of the Tristine Chronicles. Ever since, the Danzi have turned their backs on the Gods.

They live in the Eastern Territory, mostly in the Disputed Lands. They have fought with the Wolfen and Coyle since the end of the Elf-Dwarf War, over 8000 years. They call them the Udlu-Set, or Set’s children.

Only a few in the Eastern Territory, those that travel the wilderness, know that the Danzi still exist- and the Wolfen Empire knows of them of course. The rest of the world will not know of them at all- even some of the greatest scholars will think that they are extinct.

Drauka was a Danzi that served in CrIsis.

Picture by the great Wayne Breaux, courtesy of Palladium Books©. Used by permission.



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