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DARAKH’ZAN (Deceased)

Mother of Xerx’ses, step mother to Zeelik Stonemace, and wife to Rostam Stonemace

Minotaur Tribe: Etrinan

Xerx’ses is fairly tall among Minotaurs 9’ 10" and has skin is light grey like a storm cloud and white hair and black horns. She is a scholarly priestess of Isis and the greatest day of her life at that point was 270 years ago when she was bound as a mate to Xerx’ses father, “Xerx’ses the first.” He was a priest of Osiris the Lawgiver and a stout defender of the light. When he passed he bade his wife teach someone to wield Saraph, the Lightbringer rune staff. It took her 19 years but she eventually found a wielder in Luur’na and trained her as a priestess of Isis.

Receiving visions from She of Countless Names she quietly made sure her son become as skilled a wizard as possible. She isolated him with Azad and told Azad of her visions. When Xerx’ses teacher passed she made sure the one girl her son was interested in knew to stay away from him. Isis had plans for Xerx’ses and she made sure he would be ready.

When Xerx’ses was 46 his mother had been seeing Zeelik’s father for some time and they made the decision to become mate as his wife had passed on. She continues to administer to the religious needs of the tribe and tries to provide guidance to the young deciding what they now must do with their lives.

She was killed in the attack led by Groun’na.

Picture from SlainDragon.


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