Donation Tracking

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Overall Donations Tracking

Character Last Donation Last Session Donated Total Donations
Hannah 558,667 7/11/15 563,667
Indaris 80,000 7/11/15 639,868
Ja’Deir 20,000 7/11/15 31,716
No Name
Ursus 15,792 7/11/15 15,972
Xerx’ses 158,667 7/11/15 1,278,374
CrIsis Group Donation 339,200 Email 9/26/12 339,200

Donations to the Church of Light & Dark

Character Donation Total Donations Date Place Kingdom
Hannah 558,667 563,667 3/15/113 Temple of the Sun-New Crests Eastern Territory
Indaris 20,000 637,168 3/15/113 Rogtilda Eastern Territory
Ja’Deir 20,000 23,150 3/15/113 Rogtilda Eastern Territory
No Name
Ursus 15,792 15,792 3/15/113 Temple of the Sun-New Crests Eastern Territory
Xerx’ses 158,667 1,278,374 3/15/113 Temple of the Great One-New Crests Eastern Territory

Donations Given to Individuals/ Organizations

Character Donation Total Donations Date Place/Person Kingdom
Indaris 2,000 2,700 11/20/111 Church of Good Dragonwright Wisdom
Overkill 10,000 10,000 7/4/110 Sinza / Sinza Orphanage Bizantium
Xerx’ses 353,000 353,000 6/19/112 Tri-Arcanum Guild Wisdom

Special Notes
Tyvernos gave all of his Dread Pirate Jason Treasure to the Church of Light and to the Warlock Guild in Bizantium City. He also gave a large sum (178,300) to the Temple of Light in Wisdom.
Tyvernos made a group donation with dragon parts at Avramstown.
Xerx’ses donated 1 oz of Gantrium to the Tri-Arcanum Guild.
Xerx’ses donated the part of the arm of a Syvan and the runesword Mindprancer to the stewardship of Kel-ed, leader of the Weavers among the Tri-Arcanum Guild. The first one to accomplish the promise of delivering a rune weapon to Kel-ed from all those that have made such grand gestures.

Donation tracking began on 4/25/109, or Majestic 25, year 1 of the campaign.


Donation Tracking

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