Drama Cards Played

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Drama Cards Played Result
Fortitude Used to save Sir Palomedes from prosecution for killing Foster
Scavenger Spent to take a soul drinker weapon


Drama Cards Played Result
Bad to the Bone 5 free circles
Charisma Used to Bed Iana
Good Impression Stopping Helara Hoppner from spreading false rumors of CrIsis
GTA Fixed Dwarven Juggernaut


Drama Cards Played Result
Hidden Stash Used to discover treasure at Mangy Carl’s (magic bow and arrows)


Drama Cards Played Result
Streets Found Bass Reeves
Blunder 13 attacking orcs fell into the river
Buy Ya A Drink Directed to the bar called the Lion to find Hamella for Overkill
Eulogy Cava learned Thor-ak’s backstory
Body Count Bungo won 2X session xp
Arcane Reverberations Free activation of fleet feet
Brace for Impact Nothing, fight was over


Drama Cards Played Result
Backup Ondemeira the White and Nyodo Skatelin come help.


Drama Cards Played Result
Through the Looking Glass Used to go to Toon


Drama Cards Played Result
Safe Travels Used to go to Dragon’s Roost, bypassing many encounters


Drama Cards Played Result
Justice Used to find Greminor, the greatest alchemist on Palladium


Drama Cards Played Result
Safe Travels Used to go to Tezcat Necromancer, bypassing many encounters


Drama Cards Played Result
Dominate Bass Reeves Agreed to 1 on 1 Battle With Cava, alone, with no intervention
Romance Mary showed up in Llorn


Drama Cards Played Result
Slimed All Tuskers Like Roggan
Skilled Roggan successfully charmed and impressed the guards in Llorn
Folk Hero Roggan took down the Theives’ Guild and became the local Folk Hero in Llorn! All Llorn love Roggan
Vision Used Vision to perfectly detect Fenrir Wolves


Drama Cards Played Result
All or Nothing Ja’Deir’s attack kills Mummy Immortalus in a single blow


Drama Cards Played Result
Vision Used the card to find the silver skull of Arheleg Hescu.
Streets Used the find the town crier.
Dominate Used to convince the town crier and guards we purged the city of evil last night, rather than the truth.
Safe Passage Used to get to the dragon safely on the Isle of Dragon’s Roost.

Drama Cards Played

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