Dread Pirate Jason

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Overkill, Tyvernos, and Karma know the story of Jason the Dread Pirate.

Perhaps the most feared pirate in Palladium history, this Elven pirate operated throughout the northern ocean and Algorian sea for over 300 years! His main base of operations was the Dragon’s Claw, but he traveled as far south as the Floenry Isles. No one has ever found his infamous treasure trove. He was lost in a horrific winter storm, with all his ships, a few 100 years ago- at least that is the accepted historical story. He seemed to target human ships, especially those that were rumored to have magic cargoes, or large sums of Old Kingdom coins.
It is rumored that Osiris’ Right Index Finger is part of his treasure trove.
The Dragon’s Claw treacherous tides have prevented any successful sea search, although many have died in the attempt. No serious search has been recorded in over 50 years. His legend is still shared in the town of Me’zfii Onh.

Update 7th Majestic, 110. CrIsis recovered the right index finger! They found it, and numerous other items, in the treasure trove of the Dread Pirate Jason at the Dragon’s Claw. However, while removing the finger Chip triggered a cave-in! Much is lost, including most of the gold.

Dread Pirate Jason

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