Eastern Territory History

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The Eastern Territory is geographically larger than any of the other human kingdoms, but is comprised of hundreds of tiny towns with a few fledgeling kingdoms. The threat of war with the Wolfen Empire over the “Disputed Territory”, the northern half of the land claimed by the Eastern Territory, looms large.

Population: Approximately 850,000 total, although due to its sprawling nature and loose government the number could be +/- 20% Humans make up about 60-70%, with 10% dwarves, 4% elves and the rest spread out.
Capital: Seat of Government is Wisdom, but this is a commonwealth of kingdoms.
Ruler: Each Kingdom has its own ruler. Each kingdom sends a representative to the Dominion Council.
Government: Commonwealth of Kingdoms. Each kingdom must sign and agree to the terms of the Charter of Dominion, which is a treaty of mutual defense and a standing army. A 75% vote by the Dominion Council is required to declare war.
Law: Varies by kingdom.
Armed Force: There is the Dominion Army, made up of people from all across the Eastern Territory. Each individual kingdom also has its own standing armies. When united, a powerful force. Navy: Mostly volunteer militia from the seaport kingdoms.
Religion: Each kingdom has its own official religion. The most common is the Church of Light and Dark headquartered in Haven. Also popular is the Pantheon of Rurga. Worship of some of the darker gods of war, such as Lopnel is increasing as war with the Wolfen Empire edges closer.
Special Notes:
Disputed Lands: The lands north of the Great River are claimed both by the Wolfen Empire and the Eastern Territory. Skirmishes in this area are common, but all-out war has thus far been averted. The only place not in dispute is the island of Y-Oda because it welcomes all as a safe haven.
Islands: The Eastern Territory also includes the island kingdoms of Phi and Lopan. These nations have signed the Charter of Dominion.
Non-Charter Towns: There are towns and kingdoms that exist in the Eastern Territory which have not signed the Charter of Dominion. Some, such as Northolme have treaties of mutual defense, others are too small, and some are left to exist as long as they do not cause trouble.

Cities and Towns of the Eastern Territory
Islands of the Eastern Territory


Eastern Territory History

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