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Elves date back to the legendary Age of Chaos. They were among the heroic races that imprisoned the Old Ones, and ruled the Old Kingdom for over 10,000 years. Then came the Elf Dwarf War. For 2000 years the battles raged, and in the end, both races were decimated- alive, but shadows of their former selves. Today there are a few small (1000 members) communities, and a half dozen cities and towns left where there are gatherings of perhaps 2500 elves, but in those cities humans still outnumber the elves 2-1. The exceptions are below.

The last great Elven city in the Old Kingdom is Sulestan, and the last great city of Elves in the North is Renvin. The island nation of Phi is populated in most part by the Elves.

Generally elves are well-educated, highly moral creatures with a strong sense of justice. The average life span is 600 years, while some live to 1200 years old. Magic runs high in their race.
Abilities/stats known: High PP, extraordinary PB, high PPE, SDC/HP Average

Malkin Falimede, Firsar, and Greminor Lector are elves that most of CrIsis has dealt with, while Gavin & Cava have had dealings with Nath Everall, who was Cava’s mentor.

Alric, a former member of CrIsis, is an elf, as are Ylren, Azariel and Caminata.



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