Eternal Torch Rings

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Whenever worn, these rings give dragon-like skin to the wearer (an AR of 14). They may be worn only by those of Scrupulous or Principled alignments, and are gifts from the gods and goddesses of light in the Church of Light and Dark. They also make the bearer glow with a soft light when the wearer is engaged in combat.
They appear as a black ring with a flaming golden torch engraved upon it.
Bexx & Chip received these rings from the goddess Isis herself during their trip from Rifts Earth to Palladium.

Overkill found his ring while waiting for Bexx & Chip outside a cave on the island of Zy, where they all were instructed to go by Osiris and Isis, respectively. Greldarr was given his on his journey to the Library of Bletherad, as was Chu and Cava. Gavin and Rell receive their rings on their way to New Crests. Karma receives her ring from Thoth after being transported to the realm of Ma’ip. Tyvernos also receives his in Ma’ip, from his goddess Bennu.

Rell’s ring flies off his hand and comes to S’Erith when Rell leaves CrIsis. S’Erith’s ring is given to Alric, who after 4 days leaves CrIsis and is replaced by Ferrel. The S’Erith/Alric/Ferrel exchange is overseen by Thoth on Lemaria, and it is here that Thoth hands Drauka his ring. Drauka’s ring mysteriously leaves Overkill’s pocket after Drauka’s suicide, and ends up on the finger of Roggan. Roggan’s ring now encircles the main mast of Rogtilda.

Bennu takes Ferrel’s and Karma’s rings, giving Karma’s ring to Vandur and melts Ferrel’s in Ferrel’s own funeral pyre. Soon after Vandur’s ring appears on Navelo’s hand with the mercurial Titan’s death.

Xerx’ses shows up in Wisdom wearing one, given to him by Isis herself. Azariel receives his ring literally out of thin air- it disappears from Gavin’s finger in one section of Credia and appears on Azariel’s on the deck of Rogtilda.

Bungo shows up in Cyclone wearing one, given to him by Bennu herself. When he says good-bye to CrIsis his ring vanishes.

Indaris arrives in the Rocky Desert wearing one, given to him by Thoth. Ja’Deir shows up in Mishala suddenly wearing one the first time he joins CrIsis, and repeats the same when he replaces Caminata.

Ylren shows up wearing one on Rogtilda just outside the island of Dragon’s Roost, where, days later, he hands it to Asher. Asher’s ring becomes Hannah’s belt. When Overkill dies, the ring appears out of the lava on Burlap’s finger.

The mirage of Rooster disappears, and 3 days later a Torch Ring is on Silent Dream’s hand, who has been teleported to the Baalgor Wastelands to join CrIsis.

The status of Bexx’, Cava’s, Chip’s, Greldarr’s, Navelo’s, and Chu’s rings are unknown.


Eternal Torch Rings

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