Eye Tile

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According to Xerx’ses knowledge an Eye Tile is a small, innocuous clay tile a couple of inches across that has a stylized eye engraved upon it. Handy for spies and thieves, most anyone can find a use for these things. It is rumored that there is also an ear version of this magic item, but that might just be wishful thinking.

Benefit: An Eye Tile may be placed upright anywhere and the owner, a person who has put one drop of their blood (causing one hit point of damage) onto this magic item, may see anywhere that the stylized eye faces that is unobstructed, up to the horizon when outdoors. This magic item costs the owner one hit point per hour to maintain after the first hour, these lost hit points are regained normally. Concentration must be maintained to see through the tile, but the effect lasts for an hour each time, so the owner may drop their concentration and pick it up later.

UPDATE: Ja’Deir now holds the only one left. The one Xerx’ses gave to Azariel was lost in the room of Helara Hoppner at the Lopanic Games.

Please see the logs Rurgan Roulette and One if by Land and Two if by Sea for more notes about it in the game.

No Name buys an eye tile at the Tri-Arcanum Guild.


Eye Tile

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