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Elven Song Mage, Follower of Bast

Complete character sheet is Here.

Ferrel is of an average height, but definitely not average weight, for an elf. He looks more like a human with how much weight he carries on his frame. Which is to say that his weight is much more in line with human sensibilities. His hair is glossy black, so black in fact that it seems to have dark blue highlights.

He wears loose tops that show off skin, and really tight pants. He is gorgeous and he knows it. It’s not that he thinks he is the gods’ gift to women, it’s that he knows he is, and most women agree. This isn’t to say that he’s arrogant, just that he’s experienced a certain amount of success in the past, and expects it to continue into the future.

He always has a flask of peach brandy on him, not for the alcohol, but for the other drugs he mixes into it.

As a song mage, he always has a musical instrument at hand. His favorite is a Lyre, but he knows how to play both the lute and pan pipes as well. He also has a beautiful singing voice, something he uses to pursue his favorite pastime, as mentioned before.

He loves life, and often life loves him right back.


Ferrel Fesqueue is a boy to give his mother a condition, although only a boy in the Elven sense. At forty-three, only an elf would consider Ferrel still a boy.

At the ripe old age of ten, Ferrel apprenticed himself to a human Song Mage and ran away from home. Even at the time Ferrel had an avid curiosity, and deft fingers, and had thought to use the human to get to another city where he could find entrance into the thieves guild. What Ferrel didn’t know was that he also had a talent for music, and a love for the same.

Before they’d made it anywhere important Ferrel was hooked on his new profession, and spending every waking moment working on his voice to improve it’s quality.

By the time he reached the age of twenty, his master had had enough of the rash boy and left him in a city in the Western Empire to try and alleviate himself of the individual.

This is where Ferrel delved first into the drug culture and found himself a place among them. His drug of choice is Rashad, but usually takes it well diluted with peach brandy.

It allows him to see the world in a much more vivid way without the severe debilitating effects of the hallucinations normal to Rashad use.

Picture from Syreene. Full size picture can be found here.


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