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Zodiac Mage

Born under the sign of the Gryphon, Firsar oozes nobility out of his pores. He can trace his line back to the last great Zodiac Mage King, and carries himself with an air of leadership.

His next goal is to get a nation together large enough to be recognized as a state in the Wolfen Empire. He will ask questions about the Eastern Territory, trying to find a peace.

He is the leader of the last Zodiac mages- or so it was believed until he took over. He has begun reorganizing, strengthening, and adding new members- some of them Wolfen.

He had warned the druids of the upcoming attack on Alarassa, and had tried to stop it by negotiations with a Zealotry leader. This failure weighs heavy upon him. He did, however, save the copy of the Tristine Chronicles. He gives this to CrIsis so that they can return it to the Library of Bletherad.

He had the original Thurgeh Fragment, which in reality is the Aurora Tristinium expanded chapter. It starts with the words "and there was a mighty slaughter, but adds these key words, which was why Morish had altered it with magic; “the Glaive of the Old Ones was not recovered. It exists, perhaps on another plain, perhaps on the final battlefield. It could be used to summon the Evil back into our midst, and the Darkness would prevail again.” This copy of the chronicles has these pages within, making it the oldest & most complete copy in all of Palladium. It is now held by Malkin Falimede.

For more on CrIsis and Firsar see the logs Climax of Confusion or Denouement of Disaster and Tree Huggers and Snow.

Picture by Mario Reg.


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