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Gantrium is an unusual, super-rare metal that is magically conductive. Just 2 ounces of Gantrium, made into any jewelry, armor, etc. by magic fire allows a mage to cast all of his/her spells at 1/2 their usual PPE cost!! It also allows the magic user to recover PPE at double the normal rate, triple at a ley line or nexus!

Needless to say, Gantrium is perhaps the most valuable metal in all of Palladium, and both the Western Empire and Bizantium have made expeditions into the Northern Hinterlands to find more Gantrium.

CrIsis recovered an ounce of Gantrium on the Isle of Mystery in the Sea of Dread, which passes from Chip to Tyvernos to the alchemist Greminor Lector.

Xerx’ses and Tyvernos both get an ounce in the Wooly Dragon’s cave.

Picture by Andy Guitar.



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