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GINA the Gentle Gypsum Giant Geode Golem

Gina is the stone golem that Gavin makes in Rivendyne to help CrIsis. The whole team helps to make her. Gavin had the Onyx for her eyes, Tyvernos oversaw it (and gave the corn-cob pipe), Cava provides animal blood, etc.

Gina died at the hands of Fenrir Wolf Demons on 5/31

HT 12’ IQ 6 Strike +2
WT 800 ME 0 Parry +2
PPE 00 MA 0 Dodge +0
HF 16 PS 26 Roll +
SDC 250 PP 16 Pull +
AR 14 PB 3 Initiative +0
Level - SPD 8 Damage +9
Sex No Disarm
Birthday 5-17 Critical 19,20
HTH: Basic Attacks 4
Alignment Controller Perception 0
Natural Abilities: Notes
Damage 3D6 damage (plus P.S. bonus) by punch, kick or stomp, or
by weapon.
Resillience Only magic weapons and supernatural P.S. (gods, demons, etc.) inflict
full damage; magic energy, fire and cold attacks do half damage, as do normal weapons and punches. endurance (never fatigues), impervious to poisons, drugs, disease, heat, cold, horror factor, phobias, fear magic, illusions and most psionics (including empathy, telepathy, and bio-manipulation) a golem doesn’t need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep, and has no emotions, desires, or personality.
Nightvision 200’
Carrying Carry up to 1250 lbs at full speed
Language: All All at 98%
Math: Basic 80%
Land Navigation 60%
Track Humanoids 30%
Climb 40/35%

Roggan wrote the following about the experience

Roggan sleep after leave Kaash. Not long sleep, just nap. Roggan open eyes, and see Cow Lady field! See Big Purple Cow, Roggan know Apis when Roggan see Apis.

‘Ah, Sweet Roggan. It has been a while since we spoke face to face. I have worried about you. You have almost breached the Veil twice since we last met.’

‘Roggan try, Cow Lady! Roggan not do what Roggan should. Roggan need to stay with Tyvo. But Roggan always strong before, never have problem in Werginn or Norfowlm.’

“I understand, young one…”

“Roggan not young!!! Roggan old!”

“Ah, yes. but when compared to me, you are very young. I have been contemplating whether or not to give you this information… You have asked for it for so long, without knowing what you were asking for.”
“What Roggan ask for?”

“A Golem.”

Cow lady tell Roggan about Ritool in Roggan dream. Ritool for Roggan to make strong friend for CrIsis.

Roggan talk to Cow Lady, and Cow Lady tell Roggan that Roggan need Onyx, Clay, and Blood. Not just Roggan blood, but Animal blood, too. Roggan not sure if Roggan can remember everything, but Roggan try! Roggan give CrIsis Strong Body, to make up for Roggan Weak Body. Roggan also need to put heart in Golem. Need strong heart. Need kind heart.

Roggan wake up. Roggan get to work, make Golem. Roggan look at rock friends Roggan have, look at rock friend Cava give Roggan. Gina the Gentle Gypsum Geode. Gina have good heart, so Gina will be good heart for Golem.

Roggan tell CrIsis Roggan need a day to do something. CrIsis happy to help Roggan! Well, not know what Roggan want to do, so not eager. Roggan explain. Roggan ask CrIsis if CrIsis have Onyx. Roggan need two expensive onyx stones friends. Gavin have Onyx. Three Onyx, perfect enough, Roggan make sure.

Roggan ask Cava to hunt deer. Or tusker. Need blood, and lots. Cava come back with some .Ask him to drain blood, put blood in skins, so Roggan can draw star for Ritool.

Roggan have everything, Roggan ready.

Roggan go to quiet place, with open dirt. Roggan use blood Cava give for draw star. Roggan draw BIG star, so Gina body and Roggan can be inside. Not perfect, but star is good. Roggan pull Gina out of Roggan bag, put Gina on dirt in star, so Gina can watch Roggan make body. Roggan summon clay, so Roggan can make Gina body. Take Roggan four hours. Roggan look at body, and see that Roggan bad at sculpting!!! Roggan try again. Roggan do better this time.

Roggan start prayer in Elemental that Cow Lady teach Roggan. Very long prayer. Roggan afraid Roggan not remember whole thing. But Roggan smart. Roggan remember. Roggan do everything Roggan need to. In beginning, Roggan cut Roggan hand and put on Gina forehead. Hurt, but Roggan know pain sometime make you strong, and Roggan pain make Gina strong now. Then, near end, Roggan put Gina in chest of new Gina Body. Close hole, and wait. Roggan start when sun high in the sky, but now it very late. Roggan tired. But roggan finish. Roggan say last word in Elemental. “Virevkhu.” It mean “LIVE!”

Gina body not clay, but now hard stone. Gina body very pretty! Have crystals. Gina sit up, and look at Roggan. Gina not talk, still, but Roggan hear Gina say “Hello, master. What hast thou need of me?” Gina talk funny! But Roggan happy!!!! Roggan run up to Gina, hug her, and Roggan say “DANCE with new Gina Body!!! Dance with Roggan!!” and promptly falls over, asleep, kicking one foot.

It Finished.

Picture from Hero Mages.



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