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Elanu says it is a location of a Millennium Tree.

The following entry is written by S’Erith, based on research he did in Shandala.

If it were not for the source of the material, I would have considered the book to be a work of fiction more than what it was: a true account attested to by the very leadership of the Church of Light and Dark.

The Millennium Tree and the Glade that surrounds it are much vaunted in popular mythology, at least of the region surrounding said tree, but the mythology does the truth but little justice. The tree is miles across and many hundreds of feet tall. It is truly an entity of arboreal splendor.

I said entity, for entity it is. It chooses who can approach, and grants boons to those it allows into its embrace. These boons can take the form of the only thing that the tree has to offer. It offers pieces of itself to travelers.

From leaf blankets that heal the sick to staves and wands stripped from its living arms these gifts are truly magical and bring with them a piece of a truly magnificent being.

Those it chooses not to allow will find themselves prevented from approaching the tree.

While the exact nature of the tree is not known, there is much speculation about its coincidental appearance at the time when the Old Ones were sealed away from this plane. It is said that should the Millennium Tree fail, that the prison of the Old Ones shall fail also.

—By the hand of S’Erith
Traveling Monk of the Order of Osiris

Update Selestra, 113- Research done at the Library of Bletherad, and especially the goodness of Auntie Ev, revealed the following:

Yggdrasil is 80 miles southwest of Tree
Glade is a community that protects the tree, gathered around it.
The tree was planted by the legendary Mage Lictalon.
The area around the tree is very dangerous, home to Scarecrows, Melech, Necromancers, and evil Dragons.
The tree can hide itself, and chooses who can find it- although there have been some that seem immune to its hiding capabilities.
The tree is sentient.
The tree can give many gifts, from armor to spears to wands to healing to ppe batteries to staves.
Magic stops working around the tree.
A Necromancer called The Wraith has taken control of Yggdrasil.
There are many Danzi that protect the tree.
There is a Dwarven Rune Master and an Elven Palladin that are thousands of years old living there.
The Millennium Tree, or Tree of Life, has been known to cure terminal illness, the lost have been found, the sick of mind and soul have been cleansed, and more.
Temperatures are known to not drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit regardless of the winter outside of Glade, and never hotter than 85.
The tree is 800’ tall, and the canopy stretches 1/2 mile.
The secret to finding the tree is to believe, and not try too hard to find it, avoiding violence and selfishness.



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