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Given to Bexx by Elanu and the jungle elves of Maga Island when he and Chip saved Elanu from Atlantean slavers.

The blade of this weapon resembles a giant serrated tooth and is supernaturally sharp. The knife is fashioned from the magic Biomancers on Maga Island. This particular knife was made and then infused by a special blessing by Elanu to give it more power. It does 4D6 damage, but has an energy aura that can be activated 6 times. This aura must be activated by the user with a thought, and then the knife does double damage to demons, deevils, undead, vampires, supernatural creatures such as dragons, and alien intelligences.

The aura can be recharged by replenishing its PPE (30). This can be done by placing it at a ley line or nexus, or by having a mage infuse the weapon with 30 PPE. Also, unique to this weapon through Elanu’s blessing, it may also be recharged with 45 ISP with the same effect.

The knife itself has 300 SDC and regenerates 4D6 SDC per melee.



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