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This weapon is mentioned by Firsar as he reads the Thurgeh Fragment, the piece of the Tristine Chronicles missing for hundreds of years! This, the oldest known copy of the Tristine Chronicles in all of Palladium, is currently held by Malkin Falimede. The section referring to the Glaive states, “the Glaive of the Old Ones was not recovered. It exists, perhaps on another plain, perhaps on the final battlefield. It could be used to summon the Evil back into our midst, and the Darkness would prevail again.”

The Glaive can supposedly awaken the Old Ones once again bringing all of Palladium back to the Age of Chaos.

Please refer to the campaign logs A Prayer, Sea of Despair- CrIsis Style, and With One Accord in a Flash for more.

Later, the Legion of Northmoor take up the quest of destroying the Glaive, after CrIsis declines. See the log She Glaives Me Not.

CrIsis assists the Legion in recovering the Glaive of the Old Ones and rescuing Sister Gaia. See the logs A Letter to the Library, Deevil Dark Distraction and the Snore Heard Round the World, and Roggan’s Other Other Other Log for more.

Update: Od 28, 111. Jidian appears on the island of Dragon’s Roost, and informs CrIsis that the Glaive of the Old Ones has been destroyed.



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