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Wolfen Priest of Light, Follower of Osiris

I’m wolf-looking only more like a werewolf with brown and black coloring. I wear studded leather armor with my ankh out and showing against my armor, with a scar across my muzzle. Gold eyes, and as far as hair length I’m a wolfen.

Name Greldarr Fireheart
Rank 7th Level
Race Wolfen

HT 9’ Save vs Spell
WT 395lbs Save vs ritual
PPE 65 Save vs Psionic
HP 38 Save vs toxin
SDC 41 Save vs poison
Level 7 Save vs Drugs
Exp. 48901 Save vs Insanity
Birthday 9-12-84 (age 24) Save vs poss.
HTH:Expert Save vs horror +2
Gold 1944 Eastern (03-9-12) Save vs coma/death
Gold 15500 Wolfen (03-9-2) Save vs pain
Alignment Scrupulous Save vs illusion
Reputation 7 Save vs. m.c.
Attribute Score COMBAT Bonus
IQ 10 Strike +3
ME 14 Parry +4
MA 8 Dodge +4
PS 20 Roll +3
PP 17 Pull +2
PE 12 Initiative +1
PB 11/8 Damage +5
SPD 33 Entangle
Critical 18,19,20 Attacks 4
Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown
Sword 1 +3 +3 +1
Shield 2 +1 +2
Paired Shield:Sword 2
Pole Arm 7
Paired Sword:Sword 7 +1 +1
Weapons: SDC Damage
Silver Falchion 2D6
Long Sword Dwarven 2D6+3
Small Iron Shield 35
Pole Arm 3D6+3
Aria Holy Claymore 4D6/8D6

When wielded by a Priest of Light, such as Greldarr it does 4D6 damage, but double damage to any Gods or minions of the Pantheon of Taut (the dark religion). It adds 5% to all prayers, blessings, etc. It also has the power to remove curses at 50%, but cannot be used on the same person more than once. Also, Greldarr’s height and strength allows him to wield this 2-handed sword with only 1 hand.

Armor AR SDC
Soft Leather 10 20
Studded Leather 13 38
Studded Leather of Iron 15 60

Punch/Claw 2D4+5
Bite 2D4
Kicks: Snap 1D6+5 Karate 2D4+5 Roundhouse 3D6+5 (1/melee)

OCC Skills Base % OCC B+ CL-A C-R Total % Secondary Skills Base % CL-A C-R Total %
Language: Wolfen 98 0 1 7 98% Climbing 40/35+5 1 7 70/65%
Language: Giantese 40+5 20 1 7 90% Swimming 40+5 1 7 70%
Language: Northern 40+5 20 1 7 90% Prowl 25+5% 1 7 55%
Language: Elven(Blessed) 40+5 10 1 7 80% Athletics 1 7
Literacy: Elven (blessed) 30+5 20 1 7 80% Running 5 7
Literacy: Northern 30+5 20 1 7 80% Body Building 5 7
Dance 30+5 20 1 7 85% WP Pole Arm 7 7
Math: Basic 45+5 20 1 7 95% Public Speaking 30+5 7 7 30%
Lore:Religion 30+5 20 1 7 80%
Lore: Church Light/Dark 30+5 30 1 7 90%
Lore:Demons & Monsters 25+5 15 1 7 70%
Land Navigation 30+4 10 1 7 65%
Wilderness Survival 30+5 10 1 7 70%
OCC Related Skills Base % OCC B+ CL-A C-R Total %
Holistic Medicine 30/20+5 15 1 7 75/65%
First Aid 30+5 15 1 7 75%
Gemology 25+5 15 1 7 70%
Bartering 25+5 15 1 7 70%
Archaeology 20+5 5 1 7 55%
Holistic Chemistry 30/20+5 5 4 7 50/40%
General Repair/Maintenance 35+5 15 4 7 65%

Natural Abilities:
Nightvision- 40’
Track Blood Scent 36% 500’ away
Recognize Scent of Others 32%+ 10%/lev if mate or offspring Familiar scent 50’
Keen, dog-like hearing

Special Powers:MAGIC Spell Strength:13

Spell Casting CL-A C-R PPE Cost Range Duration Notes
Tongues 3 7 12 Self or touch 5 min/lev Understand & Speak all Languages at 98%
Armor of Ithan 3 7 10 Self or touch 1 min/lev 100+10 SDC/lev Magic fire, lightning, & cold do 1/2 damage
Drain PPE from Followers 3 7 15 Circle of Followers 20 melees Up to 6 willing followers See notes
Make Weapon Holy 3 7 10+ 5/each additional weapon None 24 hours 4 different effects Sense evil, magic, slayer, and damage. See notes
Energy Bolt 3 7 5 150’ Instant 4D6 Damage, 6D6 on ley line, 8D6 at Nexus Gift from Isis (not Osiris)
Sense Traps 4 7 7 6’ 1 minute/lev Detects & locates only
Breathe Without Air 5 7 5 Self or touch 12 melees/lev Protects against man-made or natural gases & odors, not magical
Fleet Feet 6 7 20 20’ 2 melee/lev Self or Other w/in 20’ Doubles PP,Spd,& Attacks Negative moving so fast -2 Init, no save surprise, -20% Delicate skills
Telekinesis 7 7 8 60’ 1 min/lev See Notes


Power Description
Healing Touch 5D4 SDC or HP 1/every other melee Can’t use on self
Exorcism 7%/lev Takes 1D6 hours of prep
Remove Curse 7%/lev Takes 1D4x10 minutes
Resurrection 10 + 3%/lev past 5 Once on the same character only
Turn Dead 20 + 5%/lev Takes 2 melees to enact
Penance/Sacrifice Resist thirst 2 days/lev, Resist hunger 3 days/lev


Blessings take 1 melee of prayer. 1 person or item/blessing. Lasts 2D4 weeks. Each blessing can be done twice/day.

Blessing Description
Water Turns into holy water. Does 3D6 damage to vampires and ghouls
Person + 1 save disease and possession
Home Inside home + 1 save possession Entities & faeries save 14 to get in home
Food + 1 save spiling magic & disease/decay. Food stay fresh 1 extra day

Special Powers:PRAYERS
Prayers take 1D4 attacks while in attacks, and 2D4 melees while at peace. 1 person or item/prayer. Each prayer can only be done twice/day.

Prayer Duration Success Ratio Description
Strength 2 min/lev 20+ 7%/level Endows priest with +6 save HF, +1 all other saves, +10% turn dead, +20% exorcism, +1 spell strength, +1 parry & dodge 2/24hrs
Communion 21+ 7%/level Vision or dream, 60% chance divination 2/24hrs
Contagious Scripture 20+ 5%/level Phrase passed on by worshipers for next few weeks in conversation
Dream 30+ 5%/level Vision from a god gives clues, ideas or hints to solve current problem
Sanctified Vestaments 15+ 5%/level Awe factor of 13for those not of that faith, followers automatic awe

These are prayers that grant special powers to the priest. Prayers take 1D4 attacks while in attacks, and 2D4 melees while at peace. Each prayer can only be done once/day.

Spell Intervention 24 hrs 21+ 7%/level Cast any one spell, that his god knows. Cast 5 levels higher than priests level PPE provided by god
Healing Intervention 2 touches 21+ 7%/level 2D4x10+priests normal healing touch SDC and/or HP
Knowledge Intervention Magic Scroll 1/day 9%/level Spell level same as priest, any spell the priest’s god knows

Note on Scroll Creation: Success is success. Failure means roll on scroll conversion failure chart. See Scroll Conversion.

Special Powers:MIRACLES
Miracles, including great miracles, typically happen only once every 7 years for a priest. If the priest is involved in a quest the deity deems important, they may occur as often as once/year.

Miracle PPE Cost Duration Range Description
Consecration 40 1 day/lev Temple floor or 30′×30′ Makes Holy Ground. Cast in temple, duration permanent
Holy War 50 1 Hour/lev All Church Warriors Init + 1, All saves + 1, Roll + 3, Save HF +3,Mind Control Possession Drugs + 7
Luck 40 1 Minute/lev Self +1 other/lev Init + 4, Roll + 10, Save HF + 10, Poison + 8, Magic + 3, Dodge + 8, Impervious to curses & charms
Purification 20 Instant 3’ Purify food or water 50lbs of food 10 gallons water
Supernatural PS/PE 60 1 Minute/lev Self HP & SDC tripled, PS + 2D4, PE & PS supernatural, Init, Strike, Parry, Dodge, and all Saves + 1

The most flexible ability. All PPE is provided by the Deity!

Miracle Duration Range Description
Increased Power 1 Minute/lev Self All known spells or prayers double duration & strength
Control Nature Varies Varies See notes
Healing 1 Melee Glance Heal crippled, blind, mute, deaf, etc. Dispel curses, sickness, poison, full HP/SDC
Control Magic 1 Melee/lev 60’ Dispel any magic barrier, curse, spell except spells of legend & rune magic See notes

Inventory: Set of traveling clothes, traveling cloak w/hood, ceremonial robe, winter traveling clothes, boots, belt, bedroll, backpack, large satchel, 4 small sacks, water skin, 1 small ankh, 1 pendant with crook & flail (symbol of Osiris), a large silver ankh, 4 wooden spikes, small mallet, 30’ rope, 3 vials of holy water, silver chalice, small mirror, tinder box. 4 Pairs of Socks, 2 Wool Shirts, 4 Pants, 2 Vests, 1 Heavy Jacket, 1 Fur Jacket, 1 Leather Large Brim Hat, 1 Belt, 1 Sword Belt, 1 Sword Sheath, 1 Knife Sheath, 1 Hooded Robe, 1 Light Robe, 20 Iron Spikes, 1 Oil Lantern (12 hours/2 pints), 10 Pints of oil in individual flasks, 12 sticks of chalk, 12 sticks of Charcoal, 2 Etching Needles, 1 Etching Plate, 4 lbs Jar of Fruit, 4 lbs Jar of Vegetables, 4 days Jerked Beef, 2 lbs Fine Salt, 2 Pints of Honey.
White robe with gold woven lettering “Greldarr” above “CrIsis” at chest. 93 unknown maps. 1 large chest.
Bracelet of Beads of Soul- 6 beads that are PPE batteries 30PPE each. Alchemist states that they must be recharged within 48 hrs or they go dead. Scroll Carpet of Adhesion (2nd), 1 Scroll Fog of Fear (2nd), 1 Scroll See the Invisible (2nd), 1 Scroll Wisp of Confusion (2nd), 1 Scroll Commune with Spirits (3rd)

Traveling Inventory:
In Pack: ceremonial robe, boots, bedroll, backpack, large satchel, 4 small sacks, water skin, 1 ankh, 1 small set of scales, 4 wooden spikes, small mallet, 20 iron spikes, 30’ rope, 3 vials of holy water, silver chalice, small mirror, tinder box, 14 days of food rations. 4 Pairs of Socks, 1 Knife Sheath, 1 Hooded Robe, 1 Light Robe, 1 Oil Lantern (12 hours/2 pints), 10 Pints of oil in individual flasks, 12 sticks of chalk, 12 sticks of Charcoal, 2 Etching Needles, 1 Etching Plate. Shield on back.

Wearing: Sword Belt, Sword Sheath, Aria (Holy Sword) in sheath, Studded Leather Armor, large silver ankh on neck, 1 small ankh on belt, 1 pendant with crook & flail, backpack, Large Leather Brim Hat, wearing shirt, Pants, Traveling Cloak w/hood, Bead of Souls

Holding: Pole Arm

On Greldarr’s Eighteenth birthday he set forth on his quest for adulthood. He set forth into the Northern Hinterlands to find his path and his purpose. On his third day out a great and terrible storm struck. The first day of the storm wore down on him heavily and yet he shrugged it off, and bore it with strength. He figured the storm would end soon, but on the second day he became lost and unable to find his path and grew weary. He knew after that second day that he would need to seek shelter or perish. When he fell for what he thought would be his final time, weariness entering into his bones, a bright light cut through the storm and he weakly got to his feet and trudged until he came to the mouth of a cave. He entered into the light, and a very ancient-looking elf looked at him and smiled. “Ah, So you’ve finally come. Good, now I can finish what I’ve started and you can learn the path fate has set before you.” As the last word was spoken Greldarr fell to the ground and passed out.

When Greldarr awoke the ancient elf stood nearby. “Ah, so you’ve awoken my friend, good. It is good that the gods have sent me one so strong. I feared for a moment there that you would die but I was granted the power to heal you.” The elf then went to a set of books upon the wall and removed one. In this book you will find the name of my successor, the one my god chose tens of thousands of year ago. Read me the name in it. Greldarr opened the book to the marked page and it was then that fear gripped his heart and awe as well. “Greldarr Fireheart” was written in the book. “Greldarr Fireheart, but that is me? How can this be? What trickery is this?” The elf smiled.

“Turn the page my friend and learn the fate the gods have chosen for you.” Greldarr turned the page and written in big bold letters was what he had just said.” Greldarr dropped the book in horror. “What magic is this?”

“ It was written long ago by a mad scholar who foresaw what was to come.” The elf smiled, looked about, and then sat in a chair nearby. “It seems that you and I are to be teacher and student and yet I do not envy where your path will take you. I am a priest of a long-lost god and you, my friend, will be the priest that helps bring his return to the world. That is your purpose and that is your curse.

“I see, well I must set forth on this quest to learn about the path set before me, I guess the fates spoke of this day way before I was even a thought.”

“Longer then even you can imagine my friend. My name is Surulon, and I will be your teacher for the next few years.”

So for the next few years the Wolfen learned the ways of the priest and the god Osiris and those in the pantheon of the Church of Light & Dark. When the day finally arrived that he was to leave they parted ways and Greldar headed east to learn and grow until the time that a god would call his name and set his path.

The first year after leaving Surulon he spent among the Orcish people making friends and allies. Greldarr healed the sick and learned how to brew herbs and spices. He learned much that gave him strength and knowledge that he knew someday would guide him on his path. He learned about archaeology from a human that was curious about his god, saying that no priest had seen anything of Osiris in hundreds of years. They became close friends and Greldarr soon parted ways after learning much.

The world looked very different to Greldarr, since he’d finished his training to be a priest of Osiris. Even though the god was killed and his pieces spread across the world there was still power left from his pantheon and from him. Not what you would think possible considering, but Greldarr had been blessed, and was the chosen of Osiris. Of course the fact he was chosen before his birth to be a Priest was a bit disconcerting. Also it was something one wouldn’t have even thought about, or considered, and him being a Wolfen too. Who would have thought that?

He left his teacher in that cave all those years ago and the book he now keeps in his pack in a hard case with a water tight interior. The book represented the teachings of his god and the name of his successor and when and where he must be in order to meet him, but that would be a very long time from now indeed. Even now, years later, he wondered what his life would be like if the gods had not chosen him for their calling. However, now he had to accompany two elite-trained goblin soldiers and his sister to the Eastern frontier where they will serve in one of the outposts to guard against the incursions of man into the Wolfen Empire.

His sister would be in charge of one of the outposts and the two goblins were trained by his father to help protect her and accompany her. No one would ever suspect goblins of being good fighters but these two were more skilled then anyone could ever imagine. So he made the journey with the goblins and his sister. The journey took a month and they avoided trouble and finally arrived.

Shortly after leaving his sister he started to head back home. But that night he received a vision from his god.

“You must seek out the two humans from another world and a Red Dwarf with this ring.” A ring appeared in Greldarr’s hand.

“They will have a ring the same as this, and that is how you will know them.”

“Yes my lord.” And then the vision was gone. And So Greldarr set forth on his quest and where it will take him only the Gods know.

Greldarr was born under the sign of Kym-nark-mar, the dragon god. This signsymbolizes magic, and those born under it tend to be naturals when it comes to magic studies. Due to this aptitude those born under this sign tend to be cocky.


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