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A mysterious group of mixed races, the Guardians of the Library, or just Guardians, seek to protect all knowledge. To accomplish this goal they had spread much of the books from the original library, the Prime Incubala, across all Palladium. This was to protect them from the Zealotry.

Only one member of the current Guardians knows where all the Seed Libraries are at the beginning of CrIsis’ adventures, and that was only through their own personal research.

CrIsis knows that both Malkin and Ondemeira were once Guardians of the Library. Malkin at the beginning of CrIsis asked them to research, find, and bring the other Seed Libraries to the Library of Bletherad. They were first exposed to the Guardians through Malkin when he gave them Hoedric’s Letter.

Ley-Rhy admits to being a Guardian, and says that the Guardians will seek out the secret Seed Libraries in Caer Itom and Lopania if CrIsis takes care of the others. They will also get back to CrIsis with the Seba book from there if it exists. This occurs when Larry meets CrIsis in Haven in Selestra, 113.

Picture is of the beautiful State Library of South Australia.


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