Harness of Law

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Harness of Law

Xerx’ses had this suit of elvish styled plate-scale armor made after winning two Gold medals in the Lopanic Games. It was made by Master Gabriel the Alchemist during the post games shopping trip.

  • The armor was altered to appear golden over most of its edges using magical lightning.
  • The armor feels lighter than steel but clearly stronger than it as well, metal is unknown.
  • There is a snake on his helm to symbolize Uraeus, the Golden Cobra of Ra!
  • The helm does allow cutouts to fit around Xerx’ses horns. The lower faceplate that can be removed with locking spring pins
  • There is a the scaled wings that criss-cross the breastplate and connect it to the backplate. The are part of a sculpted, winged figure to honor Isis!
  • On the waist belt is embossed with Crook & Flail symbol to honor his god, Osiris!
  • There’s a square scale shoulder mantle, left pauldron and right pualdron with haute guard with the Eye of Horus upon it.
  • There is engravings that are etched along the trim taken from the Book of Ma’at of the Pantheon of Ra! They offer no specific powers however interspersed among them are the mystical markings harnessing the enchantments to the suit of armor.
  • Those gauntlets have only three fingers and a thumb, Minotaurs don’t have four fingers.
  • The armor is made for someone 10 feet to 11 feet & 6 inches and at least 525 to 625 lbs!
  • The sabatons (feet), shin greaves and knee guard have been integrated into a Xerx’ses’ Mologoth hide boots.

The most amazing part about all of the enchantments is that when completely worn there is “complete suit” enchantment that becomes available.

Appearance: See Description and picture(s) above
A.R.: 18.
S.D.C.: 200 (see regeneration).
Weight & Encumbrance: See Weightless power description.

Powers Description of Powers
Weightless The armor weighs no more than one ounce, wearer suffers no movement or encumbrance penalties and prowl penalty is half (unless noiseless), even if wearing full plate armor! -8% to Prowl.
Buoyancy The armor is magically made to float in water even if full plate! The wearer can swim on the surface of the water, but cannot dive and swim underwater because the armor holds him afloat on the surface.
Regenerating Armor (S.D.C.): Damage done to the armor is magically restored/regenerated at a rate of 10 S.D.C. per hour. If the armor is destroyed, reduced to zero S.D.C., the enchantment is broken and the armor is worthless scrap metal.
Spell Weaving: The armor does not cause any ill affects to a mage of any kind trying to cast a spell/ward/circle while wearing the armor.
Full Suit Bonus:

This power is only available when every single piece is being worn and S.D.C. is over 50%. If even a single piece is not worn or the damage taken over 50% then the enchantment will not function until those conditions are remedied.

Fist of Lightning: Once per day, per gauntlet, an electric shock that does 3D6 additional lightning damage per touch or strike.

See the log The Lopanic Games: All Things End.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.


Harness of Law

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