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Home to the Antes Temple, part of the Holy City, and location of the Heart of Osiris, and the Eastern Territory’s Church of Light and Dark’s capital. Also the residence of the Bishop Rose Nodeki, head of that church, Father William, Antes Temple priest, and Elyth, protector of the Heart of Osiris.

Haven also has a sister city connected to it by 2 giant, river-spanning bridges, New Haven.

City from which Chu left the mainland to travel to the Library of Bletherad.
Home of Sir Quixis Ote.
The northern home of the Knights of Dawn. It is one of the homes of the Royal College of Navigation. Also one of the locations of Karowyn’s Merchant House.

See the campaign logs Touched by an Angel, Heart of Haven, Bon Voyage, and Ocean Voyage to Haven for more on CrIsis’ first visit to Haven.



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