Hoedric's Letter

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Summary of the letter read by Malkin Falimede to the group at the Library of Bletherad on March 6th, PA 109, Rifts calendar, or Grekar 6th of the Palladium Calendar.

Upon Overkill’s death, no one has a copy of the letter in CrIsis.

Take heed and bear witness to the truths that lie herein. For this is the final record of the Seed Library of Alarassa, the last of the Nine Great Libraries, and brother institution to the Great Library of Bletherad.
In ages past, there stood a Great Library. The Prime Incunabula. This place of learning was unsurpassed in all the world. Not one secret stood from its hallowed halls. Not one mystery lay unknown before it. And throughout the world, people from every land traveled to this Place of Wonder to learn, to discover, to grow.
But then there came a Time of Darkness, when the world reeled from the war between Elf and Dwarf, and there reigned thousand years of destruction during which nearly every ancient magic was destroyed. Cast into the fires of Purification. From these fires rose a virulent and fanatic group of people we know only as the Zealotry… What we know now is that their intent was to destroy information. Books, scrolls, maps, and the Prime Incunabula… and every Seed Library which sprung from it.

There are those who believe all the Seed Libraries dead, save for the Great Library of Bletherad. They are not. For the sake of security, it was made to seem as if they had been ruined by The Zealotry, but the truth is that even as I write this letter, there exist a few other Seed Libraries, hidden throughout the world…..
If you are reading this letter, then it is because I have fallen to a premature end… What information exists in this bundle is far more than a mere collection of books, scrolls and maps. It is all that remains of my fallen Seed Library…

Hoedric the Unready…. In the Age of the Reconstruction, on the tenth year of the reign of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II.

More can be read about CrIsis and Hoedric’s letter in the log My Dinner with Andre… er… Elanu… that is… Malkin Falimede.


Hoedric's Letter

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